Cobra Dogs Employee of the Month: Littlest

The first of a collaboration series between YoBeat and Cobra Dogs we’re recognizing the employees that make the hotdog stand in Gov’y tick. Get to know Alex Sherman, aka Littlest, watch him board, and learn how he likes his wieners. Way cooler than a plaque or maybe even a better parking spot.

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    AP WALKER says:

    I am kind of bummed that he did not mention loosing his virginity in Govy to Stamps… Oh well, guess you gotta keep some sort of street cred…

  2. Tim Horton
    Tim Horton says:

    there’s this place in Calgary where you can get a hot dog with peanut butter, jam and cap’n crunch. its the shit believe me or not. but i’m surprised these pros don’t get beer/cig sponsors. i’d proudly wear a export a or a alexander keiths sticker on my board. when i’m on the podium getting my gold medal i’ll light a smoke and crack open a beer while the fags beside me have their disgusting monster energy drink.

  3. Poofacekillah
    Poofacekillah says:

    damn KC KYLE had a comeback in 11 minutes! I hope your getting paid for your dedication to lame comments.

  4. matt
    matt says:

    churrboy shut up. youre like the kid who says all the dumb shit that does not need to be said.

    ps this job looks awesome.

  5. whoops
    whoops says:

    if connor knew his snowboard history he would have known that this song has already been used…


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