Firing Squad: Christoper Chiang vs Johnny Huege

We’re back. We’ve got the prizes restocked, some photos stacked up and we’re doing this — four skate battles in a row. At the end of four weeks, a champions battle to determine which highly skilled photog scores a brand new Burton photo back. This week, it’s the battle of the red rails. Which shot do you like better, the one using them for skating, or just as background decoration?

Photo 1 by Chris Chiang

Photo 2 by Johnny Huege

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15 replies
  1. Obama
    Obama says:

    Heuge doesnt deserve taking my spot as president. Although i will vote for him because he has a wide but hole.

  2. Sue
    Sue says:

    Photo one has potential just a little more room above the riders head and maybe use that flash to fill the light on the front of the rider. Kind of digging the crazy lens angle on the second shot. Nice shots guys

  3. Schleg! likes Montana
    Schleg! likes Montana says:

    I agree with Sue that the first photo should have more head room but I disagree with the idea of using the flash to flesh out the foreground. That would get rid of that double-shadow thing on the bank right in front of the rider which I think makes the photo a whole lot more interesting.

  4. uncle sam
    uncle sam says:

    hardly a trick match-up though
    standard fs flick on a bank,
    or nosegrind to drop. which although isn’t very tall you know he had some speed going into that
    didn’t vote

  5. babes for chiang
    babes for chiang says:

    huege ain’t got shit on chiang! his shit’s bangin fools! get it straight or don’t vote!

  6. babygail420fourU
    babygail420fourU says:

    Second photo for sure. first photo the timing is completely off and it couldn’t even be a land because it doesn’t show the catch of the fs flip. Not saying he didn’t land it, but the photo itself doesn’t explain what is going on. I hate how lost you get in the second photo because of the background.. kinda blew out the flashes to much and the angle is a bit awkward but all around it’s a better photo. The thing is though these tricks don’t even match up to rate these together. It’s like rating two different genres of photos/skating. If you do this ‘firing squad’ you should do the same trick to keep things more even. Timing, Lighting, Comp, Exposure and Ring Light are key.


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