T∞ H▲RD : The Fancy Fall Chronicles

How many times have you watched a gnarly girl bail and asked yourself, “What the fuck was she thinking?” We asked Danyale Patterson to explore just that, and so she sat down Fancy Rutherford for a little one on one about the fall that broke her arm in 6 places this winter while filming for their flick, T∞ Hâ–²RD. If you’re squeamish or a small child, we recommend you don’t watch this.

If you’d like to help support the girls behind T∞ Hâ–²RD since they’re breaking themselves off for your entertainment, we’ve got a limited edition T in the Yobeat Store, and the proceeds go to support the flick.

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  1. leanLIKEaCHOLO
    leanLIKEaCHOLO says:

    do you have the TOO HARD t shirt for guys, i got the dopest bloody tampon necklace…sounds lame but it’s legit it has hemp for the string

  2. travioli
    travioli says:

    the logo has an animal face on a silhouette bikini body – wow i didn’t see that on a snowboard all fuckin season. I’m assuming there wont be any original tricks in this vid, you could at least have some original artwork – goddamn ditto-shit fuckin kills me sometimes

  3. Chris Brown
    Chris Brown says:

    “that wouldnt have happened if she stayed in the kitchen”

    all depends on how big her mouth is. . .

  4. Another above average gurl
    Another above average gurl says:

    Ya, OUCH, lay of the cigars, u’ll heal faster. Herbal Remedy is whatcha need. Next time dont catch yo self with your damn armssss..


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