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T∞ H▲RD : The Fancy Fall Chronicles

How many times have you watched a gnarly girl bail and asked yourself, “What the fuck was she thinking?” We asked Danyale Patterson to explore just that, and so she sat down Fancy Rutherford for a little one on one about the fall that broke her arm in 6 places this winter while filming for their flick, T∞ Hâ–²RD. If you’re squeamish or a small child, we recommend you don’t watch this.

If you’d like to help support the girls behind T∞ Hâ–²RD since they’re breaking themselves off for your entertainment, we’ve got a limited edition T in the Yobeat Store, and the proceeds go to support the flick.

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Comments (38)

  1. Wow @ Ashbury. That’s not going to get old.

  2. You can hear her arm snap!

  3. I Picked her up, super romantically.

  4. Did that dog in the skirt take a shit on the lawn?

  5. word to Motown. Drink your milk kids. none of that soy shit.

  6. what did we tell you about these sluts? I bet they have the stinkiest pussies around.

  7. that close out was a decent size… and that was an intense fall…

  8. do you have the TOO HARD t shirt for guys, i got the dopest bloody tampon necklace…sounds lame but it’s legit it has hemp for the string

  9. maybe she wouldn’t fall so hard if she wasn’t such a whale

  10. am i the only one who’s seen how gay jesse pauls pants are?

  11. my pussies taken harder slams than that

  12. what i meant to say was ive taken harder slams than that

  13. i dont fuck with watching ppl get hurt. bad vibes

  14. thanks kyle. we all feel a little closer to you now.

  15. KC KYLE proving he’s a soul-shredder in it for the long hikes with Mother Nature.

  16. my broken arm at that spot just got one uped…..damn

  17. this girl seems dumb as fuck

  18. the logo has an animal face on a silhouette bikini body – wow i didn’t see that on a snowboard all fuckin season. I’m assuming there wont be any original tricks in this vid, you could at least have some original artwork – goddamn ditto-shit fuckin kills me sometimes

  19. that wouldnt have happened if she stayed in the kitchen

  20. “that wouldnt have happened if she stayed in the kitchen”

    all depends on how big her mouth is. . .

  21. is she really smoking a black and mild?

  22. Smoking, yeah, that’s gonna help it heal….

  23. Wow girl that was gnarly. you kill it!

  24. Ya, OUCH, lay of the cigars, u’ll heal faster. Herbal Remedy is whatcha need. Next time dont catch yo self with your damn armssss..


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