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Coal Presents: Best Summer Ever 2 – The Cats of Anarchy


Cats of Anarchy week wouldn’t be complete without them doing some actual snowboarding. They’re lurking hard at Hood this summer and proving even if no camps want to hire you, you can still have the best summer ever, though why anyone would want to listen to Limp Bizkit is beyond us.

Special guest appearances from the Tre Squad.

does not like to find tranny.
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Comments (37)

  1. weekentage?

  2. bilodeau is sick, why isn’t he on a real team

  3. Idk about you guys but my bizkit is far from limp after watching that.

  4. it was good but it was just too dam long. ender mustve been crazy to see in person. oh yeah and the song sucked

  5. ain’t that the worst choice of music? And been hyped on Arnette!? Guys common, they are part of Luxottica that owns Versace, screw that and go with some real snowboard shit…