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Camp of Champions Week A Video

Lipton’s favorite snowboard brand took over Camp of Champions first session, but unfortunately he was unable to be there. Plenty of other people made it though, and here’s the first official recap from the Great White North.

Riders: Matt Belzile, Brandon Hobush, Louis-Philippe Dorval, Torstein Horgmo, Rusty Ockenden, Jody Wachniak, Cody Wilson, Alex Beebe, Dillon Ojo, Alex Stathis, Ben Poechman, Mark Goodall, Logan Short, Ben Bilocq, JP Walker, Joe Sexton and Simon Chamberlain.

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Comments (26)

  1. I would call you a fag, but seeing how you’re on yobeat you obviously can’t afford camp, so we are equal there.

  2. i feel like a kid that no longer looks up to his father, but i just don’t respect jp walker anymore 🙁

  3. Liptons favorite snowboard brand is a ski company…

  4. The Canadians would use a song from a High Cascade edit.

  5. I have no idea who half those kids are on stepchild but fuck, they are killing it! ones for the future.

  6. alex stathis is a machine. makes everything look too easy

  7. CC is dead. They are trying to beg people to pay for that garbage.

  8. is ben bilocq good? and why would i want to see simon do a front board

  9. you’ll be hearing more about Dillon Ojo.

  10. stepchild ams, better than stepchild pros

  11. props to props, we are all to poor for camp if were sitting in front of a computer screen and not snowboarding

  12. jp would do something dumb like a 270 on that tubular rail

  13. stathis sw back tail pretzel. yall aint fuckin with that

  14. song stolen straight out of the high cascade movie? whoops

  15. The hobush show. Made those canadians look like bitches

  16. so if i smoke weed i can be good at snowboarding too??? ALEX STATHIS YOUR MY HERO

  17. i don’t have anything to say, i’m too tired from celebrating America’s independence and freedoms yesterday.

  18. can anyone who doesn’t have a im-too-cool-to-answer-questions-on-yobeat complex post the name of the song? thanks

  19. @dont hate
    shut the fuck up faggot, u aint gettin an answer talkin like that. Plus that song was only good for edits. if you cruise around with that blastin outta your are a faggot. fuck you

  20. @the view

    do u still live with your mom?

  21. @dont hate
    close your legs you faggot


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