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Windells 2012 Session 2 Recap and Video

Filmed by: Alexandra Erickson, Jake Strassman, Tyler Malay, Ian Post, Will Start, & Ian Macy.
Additional Filming: Riley Erickson, Pat Raichur
Edited by: Tyler Malay & Alexandra Erickson & Ian Macy.

Summer is speeding by and another session has come and gone at Mount Hood. After a whirlwind week at Windells, campers have hopped into cars and boarded planes bound for home, memories of lines in the Concrete Jungle and laps on the tow rope in their heads. As is typical in June, Oregon has yet to relent to full-on summer weather, but when the rest of the country is hot and humid, a bit of snow is the best way to beat the heat. Just to round out the wild weather, summer peaked its head through the clouds midweek for a couple of bright, beautiful days and hot laps commenced in the Windells park.

Ben Bilodeau, front 180 on switch backside 360

The size of the Windells park continues to drop jaws, now with a 22-foot halfpipe that opened during Session 2. Pristine and perfectly cut, the new location of the pipe, at the top of the park, makes it perfect for campers to drop into before hitting the other three tiers of the park. Did we mention the 100-foot jump is now open, too? Also at the top of the park, expect impressive riding to go down on this bad larry.

Counselor James Fleege, seatbelt back one.

Will Bateman was taking over Session 2 and joined the campers and staff in hot laps. “The park is incredible. It’s way longer than it has ever been and there is just an endless amount of stuff to hit,” said Will.

Session 3 is up next and the Rome Team is taking over! Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Marie-France Roy, and Toni Kerkela will be joined by members of the AmArmy as Rome Snowboards Partytime envelopes campus. Check out for the latest news and happenings at camp and don’t forget that there’s still time to register! Join the Windells staff at the “funnest place on Earth” during summer 2012! Dates and prices can be found here.

Derrek Lever spreading the good vibes on hill.

Jeff Hopkins, cooking up a rodeo on the jumpline.

Justin Fronius backlip.

Tucker Speer always packs his lunch in airtight ziplocks, since he doesn’t want anything going stale except his frontside airs

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