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Coal Presents: Best Summer Ever 2 – Hot Lapping

In addition to the rope-tow accessed terrain, High Cascade also boasts a lap park, for riding fast, linking tricks and otherwise enjoying your summer camp experience. For this Episode of Best Summer Ever, we join the lap park master himself, Tim Eddy and see how he makes the most of a summer at Hood.

does not like to find tranny.
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Comments (37)

  1. best edit to be released all summer.

  2. ive seen downys make better edits.

  3. coolest afterbang ever at 2:53

  4. Conner and Tim,
    This edit is by far my favorite of the season.

  5. Tim eddy is the shit. Pow and chow was the shit. This was the shit.

  6. I bet Tim rides a Choo skateboard

  7. if tim eddy wasn’t so awesome this would suck, the follow cam look liked it was your first time filming.

  8. Goddamn that hat is beautiful. I figured it was made by Coal by I did not see it does anyone know where to get it?

  9. hat=airblaster, the coolest company there ever was.

  10. i really really want to snowboard with tim eddy

  11. that first backflip was godly

  12. switch back one chicken salad… so fucking good!

  13. This combination of the hat and the excessive carving make this seem like an early 90s snowboard video. All Tim Eddy needs is a pair of tight neon snow pants and some binding leashes.

  14. F*ck yeah I told them I wanted a shot of me, HA chillin wit my boiz in govy. SH*T FACED!

  15. this defines snowboarding, having fun riding your board.

  16. Tim Eddy is the shit! sooo he doesnt have fun on rails anymore? a lil bummed that his parts are all pow and turning nowadays. turning sucks! but i suppose thatll happen when u get older

  17. no one is more rad that Tim Eddy.

  18. @turd ferguson, good luck keeping up.

  19. most fun edit ive seen in a while.

  20. gosh that made want to snowboard soo much now. ONLY 5 MORE MONTHS!

  21. Freebord ads ruining videos since 2012

  22. That first backflip was bigger then Pamela Andersons tits!

  23. Pizza pony Fo life!


  25. the video thumbnail makes tim eddy look like he is searching for a HIgh Five! I GOTCHU!

  26. i was hoping for a little tim eddy beat box throwback

  27. don’t forget tim’s back lip pretz (first ever?) back in the neoproto days. great dude smiling everyday.


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