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Powder Daze: Heelside Haters-The Story of the Arch Villains

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Comments (17)

  1. riding halfpipe was the shit when i was 12

  2. thats why he said when i was 12, dumbass.

  3. what the fuck is this shit anyways?

  4. i suggest you replace this with a column filled with cute cat videos.

  5. i really hope that somehow the germ’s mother gets brought into this

  6. just you wait YMR, it’s just begun.

  7. Fuckin Churrboy

  8. well at least my comic book alter ego is the most bad ass one.

  9. Great info. Lucky me I found your website by chance (stumbleupon). I’ve bookmarked it for later!

  10. i think we may need the addition of KC Kyle to the heelside haters, he has quickly become one of the biggest douches on this site

  11. The Germ looks kinda like a gay version of the hulk.

  12. Yes, that sounds about right, Churrboy, Jerm, and I take over the snowboarding world with our hate skills destroying the pros’ egos forcing them into retirement. (sorry pipe jock but your the douche that dies) Villains are the most core anyways.

  13. @kc kyle, you and churrboy will never be on my level. stop comparing what you do to what i do. your sad, pathetic and dumb. people hate me because i tell them things they didnt want to hear. they hate you because youre a dumbass.


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