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Firing Squad: June Champions Battle

Another month of our lives is gone, and that means it’s time to give away a Burton Photo Pack. This month we’ve got two skate photos and two snow photos facing off, which we know can be a little confusing, but we’re confident you’ll be able to work through it. In fact, we want you to look beyond the subject matter at the photographic quality and things like lighting and composition. Or you could just vote for the photographer who told you to come here and vote.

Week 1 Winner: Paul Stanley

Week 2 Winner: Piotr Drzastwa

Week 3 Winner: Tal Roberts

Week 4 winner: Reid Morth

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SEND US GOOD PHOTOS! Skate, snow, whatever. Learn how you could be a part of the Firing Squad here.


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Comments (12)

  1. That frontside boardslide is so weak, even I could execute that trick better. Gotta go with the wallride, although that indoor training facility doesn’t look as clean as mine.

  2. piotr 100% ….is that an exotic way to say peter? kinda like pea-oder? i donno the others jus arent as cool as the wallride. i agree with Berra

  3. i thought the first dude was bo valencia?

  4. “Peter” is english meaning of ‘”Piotr”

  5. It is Bo Valencia, it was taken by paul stanley

  6. That thong th thong thong thong

  7. man i wish i was as flexible in a speedo as the first guy

  8. A man in a Speedo really turns me on

  9. 69 votes dudes!


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