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Jesse Gouveia’s Park Footage: The Review

For some reason, we felt Jesse’s park footage needed a little more special attention than the other parts from the This Must be the Place crew. A little good old fashioned ribbing, if you will. And since Connor lives in Jerm’s basement right now, what better opportunity to let Jerm get all his aggression out on our poor friend Jesse? At least the idea seemed funny. So we did it. What can we say, it’s the third rain day in a row.

By now you’ve probably watched the actual edit on Facebook, but if not, and you’re still interested, here ya go.

does not like to find tranny.
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Comments (67)

  1. Churr boy, youre weird, stop stalking me, get a life.

  2. jerm that ollie over the portapotty was FUCKED UP hahahah. I yelled.

  3. shaun white and I eiffel towered jerms mom.

  4. Old dude goes from talking about not complaining… to complaining about tight pants? Eat your tapioca pudding and stop hating on snack packs man, i love that shit.

  5. glad jerm recognize those bullshit back3’s.
    I appreciate individuality and people doing the tricks they want to do..
    but it’s like noseslide pretzles – that and these back3 stale/method things are like the first ‘real’ tricks anyone learns. it’s just weird.

  6. Who gave Connor brown posting rights? Biggest whoops.

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