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Jesse Gouveia’s Park Footage: The Review

For some reason, we felt Jesse’s park footage needed a little more special attention than the other parts from the This Must be the Place crew. A little good old fashioned ribbing, if you will. And since Connor lives in Jerm’s basement right now, what better opportunity to let Jerm get all his aggression out on our poor friend Jesse? At least the idea seemed funny. So we did it. What can we say, it’s the third rain day in a row.

By now you’ve probably watched the actual edit on Facebook, but if not, and you’re still interested, here ya go.

does not like to find tranny.
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Comments (67)

  1. no ramping in a connor brown edit…… wtf

  2. that was really mean, jesse is a fantastic guy and he tried really hard

  3. it’s fun to watch this nigga snowboard

  4. jerm had a hard time even being a dick about that one, at least he knows he blows at riding.

  5. This is fucking stupid. yobeat is fucking stupid. Jerm is fucking stupid. You bring so much negativity into snowboarding its a shame. I’d like to see you do some of the maneuvers in that edit, there was some solid hammers.

    That is all I have to say.

    oh yea.. and Saga is fucking whack…

  6. damnit….now i cant use that song next year…..and i listen to shaggy every damn day! ….not trying to be funny

  7. its gotta be tough being like jerm. just so negative all the time. he didnt say one good thing about that edit… then again, that is the whole point of jerm being jerm.
    whatever i like these reviews, keep em comin

  8. i guess it’s a lot easier talking shit when you can hide behind your keyboard and aren’t put on the spot Jerm..

  9. I would like to see jerm doin’ that shit

  10. Jerm is probably so drunk right now

  11. is it weird that i get an erection when i pet my dog?

  12. @Your Mom gtfo

  13. neat

  14. harsh

  15. for those of you who said i didnt say anything good about the edit you obviously didnt watch or pay attention. just jumped to the most angry ignorant conclusions.

  16. shut up jerm, saving face with jesse wont get your tongue into his asshole any longer.

  17. @brazzers, ah dang you got me. and to everyone else, read the yobeat motto.

  18. Jesse has a Stache of dirt.. I like it

  19. jesse’s got style and is pretty good now, but give him a couple seasons and jerm won’t have shit to hate on. that hardway cab 270 and switch back 270 were slightly soggy and i know he has the ability to try it one more time and probably get it better. that’s why stevens is so good, he’s constantly criticizing his own snowboarding and trying to make it more proper. a lot of riders with good potential (like jesse) benefit from this sort of criticism, in my opinion

  20. i thought that was funny jeeze dont you people see the humor there. and that kid was definately throwin down a bit. so props to jerm and props to him

  21. this made me upset. I want cry and make a painting now

  22. i like when jerm makes fun of stuff and shit

  23. I just love snowboarding and have fun while looking beautiful. I’m getting next years stuff so fuck all YALL. Tranny faggots for lyfe!

  24. Im still pissed Jesse and the butthole finders lost to some euro fucks

  25. jerm if your going to be mean at least be really mean so it’s funny

  26. for the most part alot of the shit jerm said was true but at the same time im pretty sure jesse kills jerm so all in all he probs shouldnt have a review on someone that is better than him at snowboarding.. its kinda like if i tryed making a review on b housh and pointing out the flaws instead of basking in his glories style/moves if ya nadadadbe

  27. that reminded me bigtime of myself watching edits haha

  28. 100% percent of viewers said “oh nice” within the first 4 seconds of hitting play.

  29. Jerm. You work for Saga.
    Nuff Said.
    Jesse Kills


  31. @Jerm, you are getting soft i wanted more hate than that..what the fuck?! but i agree he shoulda done a few tricks over.Where is the place with the teal colored rails at the end? And to all you fucking lil bitch ass fucks that go on this site and dont get it…fuck you

  32. hate the way this kids rides..

  33. jerm looks like a perfect poster boy for hitlers youth…

  34. if he wasnt a puss he would hit that pole jam to rail.

  35. jerm’s review gave me woooooD

  36. :58.. apparently jerm doesn’t approve of going fast????


  37. Jerm come give me my blowjob now

  38. just think…the jnepnation kids have been viewed on that very same computer screen

  39. did u guys see the new edit on youjizz?!

  40. what the fuck is “soggy” that is the lamest term I’ve ever heard, jerm’s dick is soggy

  41. if you think soggy is a lame term, you’re obviously a pretty soggy snowboarder yourself.

    soggy soggy soggy soggy soggy

  42. wheres jerms season footy

  43. forced arm steeze is the new black. I do it all the time. just fold up that front arm after every trick

  44. jerm’s footage-

    oh shit he can actually snowboard

  45. I wanna see Jerm watching his own footage and hating on it.

  46. yeah jerm’s body presses are so soggy bro

  47. sick edit jerm
    you definitely got a proper phantom press
    but you should have done it again cause its kind of soggy in the end

  48. Jerm ive seen ur drunkass try to snowboard and ur fucking awful. shut the fuck up and die u work for saga ur a fag. Even though this kids a tranny finder hes dope.

  49. All you pussies need to shut your little bitch mouths and deal widit. Back in the day, at the root of snowboarding, were some of the most ruthless hecklers ever. If it werent for hecklers, most of you little sissies would still be zeaching, tindy grabbing and tailfishing all over the fuckin place. If you dont like it, join a therapy club where you and the rest of the failures and degenerates can hold each others balls and whimper about the harsh hand life dealt you and how you could have been something great, if not for all those sandbaggers sullying the goodness of your favorite winter pasttime. Most of you should be so grateful that a site like yobeat exists, so you have the slightest chance of someone seeing your disgraceful example of snowboarding in the rejected edits segment. This is my problem with the tight pants generation. You wanna have cool hesher punk style, sick. But most of you look like prepubescent girls with social anxiety, praying to god that these ballhugging cordoroys are the envy of all those popular bitches that spit in your snackpacks and spread their legs for the guy you like.

  50. Churr boy, youre weird, stop stalking me, get a life.

  51. jerm that ollie over the portapotty was FUCKED UP hahahah. I yelled.

  52. shaun white and I eiffel towered jerms mom.

  53. Old dude goes from talking about not complaining… to complaining about tight pants? Eat your tapioca pudding and stop hating on snack packs man, i love that shit.

  54. glad jerm recognize those bullshit back3’s.
    I appreciate individuality and people doing the tricks they want to do..
    but it’s like noseslide pretzles – that and these back3 stale/method things are like the first ‘real’ tricks anyone learns. it’s just weird.

  55. Who gave Connor brown posting rights? Biggest whoops.


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