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Windells 2012 Session 1: The Recap and Video

Here it is, the official word from Windells you’ve been so patiently waiting for!

Ben Bilodeau. All photos Erik Hoffman

Summer has officially started at Mount Hood! Windells Session 1 kicked off on June 6th and while Mother Nature didn’t seem to get the “seasons have changed” memo, campers, staff and visiting pros alike, donned their jackets, strapped into their bindings, and happily pointed their boards downhill. A bit of precipitation was not enough to slow down the excitement of being back on snow.

Diggers do work.

No one in Oregon can knock Ms. Mama Nature much though; while most of the United States was suffering a winter dry spell, the Northwest was getting dumped on, setting up Timberline with snowpack that has come in handy for building summer parks, specifically allowing Windells to transform their already large park into a brand new, on hill megalith.
For Summer 2012, Windells has unleashed an on hill upgrade: a massive, three-tiered park, filled with features upon features. More jumplines than ever before. Multiple pockets of rails and boxes. Solid flow within each hikable section, but also perfect for full laps with the ropetows.

Luke Haddock

The Windells Lane has always been long, but now, riding up to the crest after the first section, a mind-boggling expanse of jumps, rails, polejams, and wallrides spreads out in front of you. The park is mental.
Coach Mary Rand summed up the excitement. “I thought the park was really sick, because there’s rails up at the top that you can hit when you ride the lift, or just hike,” said Mary. “And then, when I got to the first rope tow, it felt like I was at the second one, but instead there’s a whole other tier to shred! Everything’s just set up perfect, like always.”

Riley Nickerson

New for this year, in addition to a plethora of rails, two new jumplines, and other unique features, is a slew of beginner and intermediate features for riders to practice skills and learn new tricks. A solid line of progression has been created to help snowboarders leave with a heavier bag of tricks than they had when they arrived.
Seven Springs-based filmer, Ian Macy, is spending his first summer at Windells and was taken aback by the set up. “It’s breathtaking. You really don’t know what’s going to happen; there’s dudes shredding everywhere and there’s so many features from the littlest box and littlest jump, to big stuff that you can really do some crazy tricks on. It’s a trip.”

The vast expanses that is Windells 2012 park

Expect Head Digger Chase Weaver and his dedicated crew to infuse even more of their creativity into the Windells park than ever before. This is a park not to be missed, so make sure to sign up for camp if you haven’t yet!
Stay tuned to for up to the minute shred in the brand new, massive Windells park.

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