Dachstein #1

This edit was “submitted” to us via a lovely hate comment by Matic Zavodnik, who we can only assume has blogging aspirations once he’s finished grabbing all his rail tricks, as he let us know how badly we’re blowing it and suggested several other sites that are much more diligent about reblogging every video that hits Vimeo. Apparently, there’s 5 meters of snow on EVERY glacier in Europe and people are snowboarding there EVERY DAY and therefore we should be concentrating more on posting the same stuff as Methodmag, and not doing any sort of skate or other original content if we want to be a “good” site. Well Matic, of all the links you sent, we thought this edit was pretty decent, so here ya go! Thanks for your input.

If you’d like to be friends with Matic, so you can say you knew him before he was the most powerful and successful web publisher in the world, he’s on Facebook, obviously.

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  1. nathan
    nathan says:

    Sick edit other than mr swivel hips in there. and cobra dogs is collaborating with union so those should be out in the fall.

  2. bah
    bah says:

    rolli scharmer has the worst style EVER! Matic, you will die if you ever send a video with this swivel mc faggot again. and yeah wojtek, you`re filming with isen7. get over it. noone cares except underaged eurokids. better stop your skiier shuffles

  3. skierFuck
    skierFuck says:

    cool switchups, you guys are great at jumping arms flailing and all you look just like me!!!

  4. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    just sent this to matic on facebook: hey man you have below average, knee touching, bitch, cock sucker style. come out to oregon, and learn to ride. i herd windells still has spots open. That is all.

  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Arnold Schwarzenegger says:

    Good style Struber, I am very proud of you! Maybe I’ll invite you to beautiful California one day for some Strudel with coffee at my place.

  6. NHZ
    NHZ says:

    Where´s Europe?….Don´t you think is it where your grandma came from?…or are you an indian?

  7. Sam
    Sam says:

    Wow. Europe summer shred looks absolutely awful compared to Oregon. I hope to never see one of these edits again.

  8. sean
    sean says:

    decent edit?! if that really was mike rav every comment would be about how clean his style is… watch the edit again and give that kid the credit he deserves because you know he does the same shit to street rails.. every trick he did was proper

  9. poo
    poo says:

    shoutout to the faggots that dont understand comment #7 posted by knifeshow’s own “Casey Wrightsman”

  10. wtf
    wtf says:

    i dunno, that was dope.
    that matic kid was in that vid, and killing it. if you’re going to hate on his shit, why don’t you have the balls to step up, post your own better edit, and let your riding do the talking. until then anyone who flames or hates on him is just an internet no talent pussy, and this kid just pwned you all. he used trolling to get you to put more views on his vid.
    matic – 1 , yobeat community – 0

  11. vid
    vid says:

    i really dont understand where all this US hate on europe is coming from. do you ever think about where do you come from? except you’re a sioux on a snowboard, shut a fuck up and be hapy to see some stuff coming from your fatherland.

  12. schweps
    schweps says:

    Ohh myy,

    you really got nothing better to do than write stupid comments ? Well congratulations on that…
    I rather go snowboarding than read this my fellow americans.

  13. MotownDrotown
    MotownDrotown says:

    anyone who says the world ‘fatherland’ in a sentence probably shook the cats around in boxes when they were a kid.

  14. vid
    vid says:

    i believe this is a first time you heard of the word fatherland. go watch more kim kardashian and jersey shore

  15. Lukas
    Lukas says:

    @ yobeat: You guys probably think, you are THE shit and of course every Mag or Blog or whatever has the right to post whatever they want or think is cool… and of course you get a lot of Video submissions and i think its ok if you don’t agree with Matic’s opinion… BUT i think it’s pretty bitchy and maybe not the smartest move to let the actuall riders look like complete jerks on public posts instead of just writing him back in an E-Mail. Cause for me i am not gonna support you guys anymore and i know some dudes are not gonna be on your side aswell. (I know, you will think, don’t give a fuck about some euros… but the world is small).

    @ all the other haters: always that USA thing….. it was boring already years ago…. most of you guys probably don’t even know how to boardslide.
    Davo Struber is boss, most style. and yeah he does snowboard better and even more important, cleaner than a loooot of Pros.
    Matic rides super creativ and steezy aswell. just fun watching him shred.
    Roli Scharmer aka. “Swivel MC..” or how you guys call it… he rides tech as shit, and yeah he does that switch up stuff, thats not cool anymore, but he did it already when you guys were all soooo hyped on Marc Swoboda swiffelin it up. and Roli rides clean!
    i know you guys think you own snowboarding and blabla, but we Euros do our own thing and snowboarding has no rules. Don’t forget that

  16. @Lukas
    @Lukas says:

    shut up. The day Rolli’s riding is clean, Jerm’s mum will wash her ass for the first time. Everything about him sucks.
    But what sucks even more is a filmer trying to defend his friends and justify their whack style. Dont go to yobeat if you are so serious about yourself. anonymous comenting is the best thing besides actual snowboarding. I visit yobeat only for the comments. to watch edits, go to catfish. he posts them all but isn’t half as fun. the day yobeat does facebook-connect commenting, this site is dead

  17. Lukas
    Lukas says:

    it is clean! in it’s own way. I don’t like this style of snowboarding neither but i can respect it…

    and for the others i don’t know what should be wack about them. Davo, Matic, Galler & Wojtek are riding good and steezy.

  18. Jony
    Jony says:

    Whats wrong with you ALL??!!!!!!
    There’s enough hate and war at our world…you americans should know it better….so why this fight on this blog, you have nothing better to do??!?!??
    Snowboarding should connect because its one of the most amazing and honest things you can share with so shut up and shred!!!!

  19. Euro
    Euro says:

    This is great Entertainment. Austrians still can’t believe that outside of Austria the Sun is not turning around Austria, and that Dachstein Glacier is not the centre of the universe. Well, about 98% of all Europeans are not Austrian.

  20. Toni
    Toni says:

    well, first of all 40% of the guys in this edit are not Austrians (statistically), secondly, neither in Austria the Sun is turning around Austria which basically makes your post completely senseless.

  21. yoyo
    yoyo says:

    Wou, you guys really support snowboarding. Don´t you think that it´s really NOT important from where all of you came from? Wake up please, but continue hating if it´s the only thing you can do….

  22. @Lukas
    @Lukas says:

    1. there is nothing clean about roli
    2. yobeat is the shit
    3. doesnt matter if it was smart to make fun of matic. it was fun and he oviously got it.
    4. people were hyped on swoboda 4 years ago. and 3 years ago, it was time to move on. obviously, a lot of people in europe missed that and its no secret, that most of them are from Austria
    5. there are rules: have fun. and hating on euro has never been funnier

  23. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    honestly though like anyone really gives a fuck its great why not message the dude on facebook just cause in the end MATIC is the bitch that freaked out and told yobeat they suck when he knows they really are awesome…its funner to egg him on (& the other euros, chill bros..chiiillllll its the internet) who knows maybe we will here about a dachstein/matic led mass suicide. IF SO FILM IT AND SEND IT IN!!?!


    snowboarding is revolutionized in oregon so those guys will always be one step behind….look at him riding cobra dogs bindings like he eats there daily. IN THE END THE US RULES ALL & EVERYONE KNOWS IT & IS PISSED. AAAAAFUUUUCKKKINNNNGGGMERRRRIICCAAA

  25. me
    me says:

    call me an idiot, but please tell me the difference from this edit to any american park or glacier edit..

    and please allow me to speak up for roli: he does not give a shit what u guys think of snowboarding- he likes this tricks and does them for fun! rides his plank all year round and does not have a phone or permanent home. so he lives that thing. like it or not.

    ever tried to get the name of the filmer for this edit?? won´t find it cause he also makes it for fun.

    that´s what u americans should learn from dachstein and eastern european scene there´s a lot of fun and passion involved- and definetily no money.

  26. Steve Berra
    Steve Berra says:

    After partnering up with JP Walker this winter, I was given the opportunity to offer my workshops on how to overreact on internet comments in Europe for the first time. I am proud that the participants are now capable of battling back these severly attacking comments, as they showed above. Still they need to remember, that I am the undisputed king in overeacting on hate comments.


  27. @ suck a dick euros
    @ suck a dick euros says:

    he rides cobra dog bindings cause this where the only ones he got. don´t speak up if u don´t know nothing.

  28. Pat Milbery
    Pat Milbery says:

    Yo me and Roli 2013 Capix Helmet collab, cop that at your nearest Big 5, we’re even gonna have a red/white/ red Austrian colorway!!!

  29. Peat
    Peat says:

    Some of you is just racist scum. you think your cooler cause where you from? Nice then you gonna die in pain.

  30. jerm
    jerm says:

    what a bunch of sad sorry attempts to get the approval of americans. if you all just ride for fun wouldnt need to get your videos posted on websites for others to watch. quit bitching, your edit wasnt that sick, it was extremely average. and this was the best one out of the 3 matic submitted.

  31. holzknecht
    holzknecht says:

    hey KC KYLE…do you have a vimeo or youtube account…I want to see you riding CLEAN!!!


  32. weinerhouse
    weinerhouse says:

    I love how they used michael jackson and then ripped on americans the whole time… with their US based snowboard brand gear on…

  33. weinerhouse
    weinerhouse says:

    Also I’ve noticed Jerm calls every good edit “not that sick” or “average” although being an admin of this site you’d think he’d post some “really good” or “above average” edits, so where are these amazing edits that he’s comparing these to? I call that being a D-bag

  34. MotownDrotown
    MotownDrotown says:

    America is going to take a big dump on all of your faces. Toby Keith style. America is more fun than wherever you live… Better weed, cheaper beer, hot hipster bitches with big titties, cocaine, funny black people, blueberry swisher sweets, 1 dollar sweet teas from Mcdonalds. All good things. I’ve met a lot of people from europe, I went to university in the UK for a while. For the most part, none of you motherfuckers are funny, or fun to be around. Lighten the fuck up and take a joke.

  35. Arthur Schopenhauer
    Arthur Schopenhauer says:

    “Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.”

  36. Americans, building international relationships like always...
    Americans, building international relationships like always... says:

    Never been to this site before, and I don’t think I’ll be coming back. To the Americans in this online community, I don’t blame you for starting wars wherever you go, as that is your upbringing and culture. But the rest of the civilised world doesn’t do that. If you really want to fight, why don’t you head over to the plethora of countries where your government has needlessly deployed troops to fight unjust, strung out wars that serve no purpose other than lining the pockets of the corrupt elitists that control your nation.

    In the meantime, why not let the rest of us will get back to shredding.

  37. MotownDrotown
    MotownDrotown says:

    Dude this Is why I hate european people so much, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT WAR? how come every time I tell someone from europe that i’m american you start bitching about some ridiculous shit like this. The reason whatever country you live in is so much “better” in your eyes is because the U.S. essentially protects EVERYONE in the world for FREE. if some fucked up national disaster happened in your country, we would be there fixing it. Countries in europe are able to have amazing health care and socialized medicine because you only have to invest 5% of what the U.S. does into it’s army because we literally offer protection to every country in the world…. for free. That being said, just shut the fuck up and stop being upset that EVERYONE IN THE UNITED STATES IS HAVING MORE FUN THAN YOU, EVERY DAY.

  38. potatoes gonna potate
    potatoes gonna potate says:

    what the kid was trying to say wasn’t a diss towards america, but towards yobeat being too focused on the american snowboarding scene. he was trying to say that there is snow somewhere any day, which means that there’s kids snowboarding any day, every day, somewhere. chill.

  39. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    Heres my edit to whoever that fuck was who called me out. Teton pass, montana. you guys know nothing of and ever will. I got all those tricks those dudes are throwing in the vid plus more i dont need to film my self because im 21 going on 22 and dont really give a fuck about being sponsored unless i’m getting free shit other than that snowboarding is never going to be my job it is my hobby, kansas city royals hat, tan button up youll see me at hood. by the way i’m from kansas, ever been to kansas? yeah its flat as fuck. BITCH


  40. Americans, building international relationships like always...
    Americans, building international relationships like always... says:

    Hello Mr Motown,

    The reason I’m talking about war is because it seems that most Americans are intent on strolling the planet antagonising everyone they meet into some kind of conflict. I was comparing your social etiquette on this site to the policies of your government. To me, there seems to be an overwhelming similarity. In the same way that your country tries to bully others into believing that you are the biggest and the best and the dominant force, so do the Yank contingency on this site.

    Your views about protecting us and giving us the quality of life that we enjoy really worry me and in my opinion speak volumes about the American culture and beliefs. If you really believe that your young and puerile nation is responsible for our health infrastructure and welfare system… You need to do some more research.

    You’re quite right, you have way more fun that I do. How many days holiday do you get per year?

    Good day to you sir!

  41. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    thanks dude, go ahead and post yours now at least i ballsed up. and please not a video of what your mother jacks you and dad off to, gorilla style and all. i mean ive herd euros dont shave anything so it only makes it that much better

  42. I love flame wars
    I love flame wars says:

    KC, I think it would be best if you kept your childish mouth shut, you ignorant little piece of shit. that video you posted is far faaaar from what the kids got going on and you should stop trying to convince yourself otherwise, dumbass

  43. MotownDrotown
    MotownDrotown says:

    hahaha 75% of what i’m saying is just bullshit. I don’t really care about the politics of snowboarding, you guys killed it, i liked the edit. I live in detroit, the armpit of the world, i’d rather be where you guys are hahahaah

  44. @KC KYLE
    @KC KYLE says:

    please give us the honor to watch some of your shredding. i would really appreciate it. i’d love to see your skills, mate!

  45. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    yeah those tricks were clean but also i have seen them done 10,000 times, and done 10,000 times my self i dont need to prove it. its fucking rails, in the PARK, on slush. NOT THAT HARD. I honestly believe hiking 6 hours to get 1 run is way more fun cause not 1 person is around and that whole thing its a better experience. once you do like 10000 front boards they arnt as fun as the first one you stomp. Im not a fucking idiot i grew up in kansas city rode rails all my life, and am wayyy over them. even though i travel to mt. hood to shred, its been great its not all about the shredding theres way more stuff to life than snowboarding.

  46. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    fucking euros getting me all intense and shit the most ive ever commented on anything in my life. kansas city people are nice good hearted midwesterners we cook up some mean BBQ try out Gates for example i dont mean to put a bad name on us, talking shit and all.

  47. Fg
    Fg says:


    You don´t know anything about rails , and you have never done a frontboard before ! go back to Kansas and eat SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT !!!!

  48. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    thanks fg. does that stand for faggot? or Fucking Guys? how about fingers gays? what ever it is none of you euros talking shit on me have yet to post an edit, real name, dick comparison pics what ever you do across the pond cause it aint much. I know its all euros out there talking shit on me cause honestly you guys are so pissed that you all got completely shit on by this whole website & they, the americans, & everyone else but you knows it. Look at you, listening to our music, riding our shit, speaking our language cause we refuse to learn yours. basically been sucking our dicks since we kicked your sorry asses back to that shit hole you call home. Ive been to europe, your girls have hairy pussys, your weed is commercialized like cigs, and your all ass holes to us americans cause your jealous as shit cause we got the better gig….at the moment. 100 years from now maybe not probably some bull shit like china, sure as fuck not gonna be you guys for a minute and thats a mudda fuggin fact!

  49. vid
    vid says:

    i just want to remind you americans, while you guys were slaughtering native people and even killing each other (nice move) few centuries later over a black man rights europe gave you light, camera, philosophy in general, xray, automobile.. and list goes on. only stuff we got back from you are fucking potatoes, beer bongs, hate comments on yobeat and overcrowded and loud coffe shops in amsterdam whenever you guys step in “so stoked about being crazy in europe”. hey, we had godard while you people were still in doubt should a black man be allowed to enter the same caffe as the whites. nuff said, although i really doubt you know who godard is.

  50. vid
    vid says:

    i forgot to mention that you guys are anyway bunch of dutch, italian, english and spanish people gathered in a crazy adventure back in 15 century.

  51. vid
    vid says:

    kc kyle, youre the worst piece of american i can imagine, watching jersey shore all day long and jerking it off on kim kardashian tape. so patriotic of you. go apply to “defend sryia” and make your mom and country proud, cause you suck dick at snowboarding. and remember, when one ask you to show him youre edit, show some real stuff and not that shit you posted earlier riding powder in your multicolor clothes filming yourself with gopro like a true weekend warrior.

  52. holzknecht
    holzknecht says:

    kc kyle cant write back at the moment…cause he is shaving his pussy! he doesnt like hairy pussys….mimimimiiii

  53. Luke
    Luke says:

    Wow this is just like the transworld message boards from back in the day, with a hint of preadolescent youtube style euro vs. mrica hate…I guess you can say you’ve made it Yobeat!

    other than that, the edit was pretty solid, and made me stoked to shred this summer.

  54. brendonrego
    brendonrego says:

    first two kids were sick. i really liked how the filming was long lens fast follow cams.

  55. Rick Ross's Diabetic Uncle
    Rick Ross's Diabetic Uncle says:

    This shit was trill. As long as they keep making shit like this euros are fine by me.

  56. COMMENT 102!!!!
    COMMENT 102!!!! says:


  57. randy mathews
    randy mathews says:

    I really wanna know what other language speaking people, call tricks? like is back lip and methods global, or is there a different language version

  58. matt
    matt says:

    this is awesome^^(#1-103)
    a bunch of dumb euros arguing with a bunch of dumb americans.
    all you babies need to STOP CRYING.

  59. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    the best part is how the euros keep saying they are done with yobeat but they are the ones coming back and keeping commenting defending themselves giving yobeat more hits/views/credit for putting out an awesome post which pissed off the whole continent apparently

  60. holzknecht
    holzknecht says:

    hey schleg!likes montana …kc kyle wrote: “Ive been to europe, your girls have hairy pussys, your weed is commercialized like cigs, and your all ass holes to us americans cause your jealous as shit cause we got the better gig”
    is it about snowboarding?????? he doesnt like hariy pussys???
    HE IS A HATER….he has no problem with the clip, he just hates euros!!!! RACISM or massive brain damage!

  61. Ghandi
    Ghandi says:

    YOBEAT ‘proving snowboarders are just as dumb as everyone else – no matter where they come from – since 1997’

  62. holzknecht
    holzknecht says:

    I want to support the guys in the clip! no matter from where they are!!!! but kc has a problem with euros…cause the girls have hariy pussys!!!

  63. PHD in Philosophy
    PHD in Philosophy says:

    I find this thread really positive for humanity – it proves that we’re all not so different after all:

    To quote a really smart guy:

    “No matter where you come from you can always be overly proud of your heritage/homeland, thus proving that you’re an ignorant douche who hasn’t seen much of the world.”

    – Me

  64. @Lukas
    @Lukas says:

    #106 was the first and only thing KC wrote, that makes me not be totally embarrassed to snowboard
    This discussion stopped being funny at about #23. Euros wanna be like US-shreds so bad and dont get the irony when beeing called Euro-style. I’m pretty sure Matic thought it was really funny and he got the edit posted. So whatever.

    JERM: please never give KC Kyle any attention! Did he get rejected once? I remember an incredibly whack pow edit… He’s like the perfect Amerian: Racicst, Proud, so Fat he can only ride pow, Bush voter… I’m 100% he has KidRock in his skulcandys while riding his sled

    KC KILLED says:

    this KC KYLE kid is so dead. his shitty pow edit is a crime to snowboarding itself.

    you def shouldn’t have posted that kiddy, you just ruined your entire internet (and real) reputation for life.

  66. @ brighton
    @ brighton says:

    “Your Capita Ultrafear came from Washington.”
    Only ignorant people go and make claims, that they don’t even bother to check first!
    For your information Elan Snowboard Factory is the world’s largest OEM, snowboard-only factory, building nearly a quarter of a million decks in 2010, and it is based in Furnitz, Austria.

  67. Americans, building international relationships like always...
    Americans, building international relationships like always... says:

    OK, I think I’m beginning to understand what’s going on here. KC Kyle is mentally defective. He seems to think that Europeans are speaking his language. Kyle, buddy, England is across the pond from you and happens to be situated on the continent of Europe. Your language, which I guess you think is called American, is in actual fact a bastardisation of English, which originated in England, Europe. So you’re really speaking our language, but that’s OK, we don’t mind. On another note, there is quite a lot of evidence to support the idea that snowboarding originated in Turkey. Again, Turkey is also situated on the continent of Europe.

  68. Chris
    Chris says:

    Fuck anybody and everybody that hates on shred. Doesn’t matter where you live, or how good you are. Don’t hate. Shred is rad….and remember, there are a lot of people better than you.

  69. The View
    The View says:

    @Chris u sound like such a pussy! haha but anyway that edit was fuckin sick…but kinda gay at the same time cuz they werent from these here parts. fuck you

  70. Mike
    Mike says:

    I took 2 das now to get through this entire thread here and it is hilarious and so fucking sad at the same time. im not defending now anybody (fact still is though that Kyle is a stupid fucked we all agree on that now, thank god), but have y’all looked at what is going on here ?!

    people are seriously taking judge on other shred headz (still the same side/sport!), based on where they came from, WTF? then it gets mixed up with political/cultural clichés and stereotypes and the whole thing gets totally out of hand …oh my god. or either you guys (those who really got into this ‘battle’ here..) are just the total mainstream and don’t know shit about snowboarding, or our sport turned out to be the most stupid thing ever.

    i use to remember snowbaording to be more loyal and real ..sbeing the hated punks on the slopes that everybody hated but wanted to be like really and being so …always STICKED TOGETHER ..supporting and showing love n respect for others’ edits, skills and style NO MATTER WHERE THEY CAME FROM ..is this really happening?

    what am i suppose to get when shredding ‘over the pond’ and riding some Euro gear, or even worse: being a Europe (i look like one, so everybody will know in the chairlift line..) and riding US-based brand gear ..holy fuck!

    Matic has got one point (even though he crossed a bit the line and went quite far..) :

    you don’t see that much Euro edits on the us online media and sometimes it also doesn’t really look like there would be sort of interest or knowledge: i remember finding an edit on TWS (and other similar posts here too..) about ‘Ludde’ Leijkner saying “WE NEVER HEARD OF THAT UDE”.

    sorry what? Ludde films for Isen (which do have a big american fanbase btw..) and is no joke on metal and general jibs …the thing is other (Euro) mags definitely try to cover everything ..the local/underground stuff from Europe, Canda States and even Japan, while the US ones clearly focus more on “their own stuff”, so a bit of a wider taken focus wouldn’t be bad at all.

    i won’t even start with taking sides now on who tries to copy who, or which riding is better because this is just totally fucked up.

    think about it where we go with that korny attitude and what sport we’re all sharing here and STOP THAT BULLSHIT, please.

    ps: @Tim Horton (comment #126) : made my day! =)

    P E A C E

  71. Matuthesituation
    Matuthesituation says:

    Wow, how much mental bullshit on just one fucking edit. Please stop using the words “Americans” or “Europeans” when talking about snowboarding, cause they just dont have nothing to do with it… Or please tell me how it can be more legit going snowboarding just because other people in your country are fucking good? When Rego releases smth sick, then does it really make you proud as an american? Or does it really give you the reason to hate about european riders?? Post your own edits to proof that talk, or even better: Stop that whackass hate and stop trying to bring that racist shit into snowboarding

    BAAAAAMMMMMMM!!! says:

    135 posts! Yobeat all time record? Even a bloody tampon got way less attention!!!

  73. It's getting better
    It's getting better says:

    2 days ago:

    The Melting Pot The Melting Pot commented on Dachstein#1 by Dachstein#1

    “you guys suck, Don’t ever send your stuff to yobeat again!”

    haha and that’s their latest edit: http://vimeo.com/43202345

    4 epic fails:

    #1 Don’t hate on Vimeo (you might get called out on your own edits…)

    #2 Tailfishs

    #3 Shaky filming all the way

    #4 Thinkin’ they posted it! Common, I guess a random kid proposed that video and it’s still up to Yobeat to post that shit

  74. KC KYLE @all of the fuckheads
    KC KYLE @all of the fuckheads says:

    basic rail tricks are not hard(every trick in this video), and if you thumbs down then you suck at rails/snowboarding cause you would agree with me otherwise.

    and yeah melting pot puts out the truth/unique edits so suck a fucking dick once again euros you all follow us americans in snowboarding, get it? dont ever come to our country we dont want you unless your that french dude @tline throwing back1 crails which were spot on. AFUCKINGMERICA WINS AGAIN. PERIOD. END OF STORY. (Me)- 8====>~~~ 0: (Euros)

  75. KC KYLE - PS
    KC KYLE - PS says:

    happy fathersday to our grandfathers that got me the fuck out of that bigass continent that sucks dick at everthing. thanks great great great great grandpa.

  76. squares
    squares says:

    @KC KYLE You are easily one of the most butthurt vaginas to adventure over here from transworld, period. Moral of the story, KC KYLE is 14, and we all are ok with australians.

  77. Freshies
    Freshies says:

    The snowboard community begun with strong roots, regardless of its origin. The people I like to consider the “roots” of snowboarding –> Terje!!!, Tom sims, Tim Burton, Tom Burt, Craig Kelly, Jamie lynn –> snowboarding started with these pioneers

  78. cloudwalkah
    cloudwalkah says:

    Im not into talking shit about others, but KC kyle sucks so fucking bad and he would suck my dick in prison, faggot! nuff said here!


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