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Dachstein #1

This edit was “submitted” to us via a lovely hate comment by Matic Zavodnik, who we can only assume has blogging aspirations once he’s finished grabbing all his rail tricks, as he let us know how badly we’re blowing it and suggested several other sites that are much more diligent about reblogging every video that hits Vimeo. Apparently, there’s 5 meters of snow on EVERY glacier in Europe and people are snowboarding there EVERY DAY and therefore we should be concentrating more on posting the same stuff as Methodmag, and not doing any sort of skate or other original content if we want to be a “good” site. Well Matic, of all the links you sent, we thought this edit was pretty decent, so here ya go! Thanks for your input.

If you’d like to be friends with Matic, so you can say you knew him before he was the most powerful and successful web publisher in the world, he’s on Facebook, obviously.

one of the founders of the internet.
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  5. The snowboard community begun with strong roots, regardless of its origin. The people I like to consider the “roots” of snowboarding –> Terje!!!, Tom sims, Tim Burton, Tom Burt, Craig Kelly, Jamie lynn –> snowboarding started with these pioneers

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