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Coal Presents: Best Summer Ever 2 – Episode 1

Windells Session #1 is winding down, and let’s just say, the weather was not on our side this past week. Rain days or not, summer snowboarding is happening in Oregon, and since it’s 2012, perhaps for the last time. Windell’s camper Caleb Kinnear, the Windells staff and a few Gov’y lurkers make the most of things while they can…

Stayed tuned right here for complete coverage of the Last Summer Ever.

does not like to find tranny.
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Comments (37)

  1. sup ladies..


  3. dat was tight. kid ben ripsssss

  4. everybody go back and watch skibowl the movie again, its just as good the second time.

  5. Hey Alex, that zip up is looking good!

  6. You guys trying to make that kid into the Shaun White of Yobeat or what? All that camera time gets to a little guy’s head pretty quick.

  7. that was fucking lame! those guys sucked…”yeah let me just go sideways an slide rails, maybe spin out if im feeling crazy” i hate rail kids…hit sum jumps pussies! even that shit is wack “im gonna spin and grab my board” cool bro! fuckin mark ass bitches!learn how to slash some pow bro..even thats too boring to watch. I fucking hate snowboarding u guys are gay as fuck

  8. lets dial back the boners a bit here, the edit wasnt that sick.

  9. Ender jumps off two feet early, whats with this super aggressive connor brown filming, those clips would look like garbage with out ramping

  10. I thought it was fun to watch. Made me stoked to ride some summer slush. Any fresh content at this time of year is cool in my book.

  11. meow

  12. Caleb be tite

  13. jerm, did you get caught jerking off by campers again at windells! meet me in sandy i will take care of you, stop this nonsense!!!

  14. I heard Alex Cato sends it up in Govy. Making out with ugly hoes with blonde hair n shit. Cato for pres!

  15. catos the cats pajamas

  16. Dear Connor Brown!

    I am very fond of your filming techniques, therefore I would like to invite you to be part of a project of mine. I have doubts about Chase’s religious orientation, therefore I need a filmer whom I can trust 100%. If you agree on my invitation you will be flewn in to LA next week. We will close down the Berrics until we are done filming my new bangin, which will take several months and be released 12/12/2012. Eric is going to take care of my Instagram in the meantime. Since the Berrics exists only for the promotion of skateboarding I cannot pay you any money. Though you will be guaranteed the most of respect in our target advertising group, which are young boys age <16. Let me know what you think about it.


  17. Caleb is better at 13 than most of you neck beards are at 20, keep hating verzure

  18. this guy cannot be serious…^^^^^^ who wastes thier time writing that, obviously steve berra isnt on yobeat

  19. Don’t underestimate my power. My goal to dominate skateboard Internet media is almost achieved. Now I try to branch into snowboarding, since Alien Workshop and therefore Burton kicked me off the team. Remember the snowboard video on the Berrics? I want some revenge. My buddy Rob from DC already bought back the Workshop, this is only the beginning. Prepare yourself….


  20. whats a mt hood edit with out jeff holce, not good thats what it makes it

  21. dank baby zeach’s by the youngins .. ben robbed the place tho

  22. too much fuckin ramping. mellow out with that shit

  23. woulda been better with dubstep! fuck you

  24. dear who ever is filming these edits,
    please stop jerking the camera towards the rail after a trick has occurred. it’s making me sick. it’s alright every once in a while but, each shot filmed the exact same way becomes boring.
    georgy peorgy


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