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Coal Presents: Best Summer Ever 2 – Episode 1

Windells Session #1 is winding down, and let’s just say, the weather was not on our side this past week. Rain days or not, summer snowboarding is happening in Oregon, and since it’s 2012, perhaps for the last time. Windell’s camper Caleb Kinnear, the Windells staff and a few Gov’y lurkers make the most of things while they can…

Stayed tuned right here for complete coverage of the Last Summer Ever.

does not like to find tranny.
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Comments (37)

  1. now you just sound dumb 🙂

  2. dank baby zeach’s by the youngins .. ben robbed the place tho

  3. too much fuckin ramping. mellow out with that shit

  4. woulda been better with dubstep! fuck you

  5. dear who ever is filming these edits,
    please stop jerking the camera towards the rail after a trick has occurred. it’s making me sick. it’s alright every once in a while but, each shot filmed the exact same way becomes boring.
    georgy peorgy