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Yawgoons 6: Mt Bachelor

After however many rounds, the Yawgoons claimed victory in the Arnette Crew Clash and with it, a trip to Mt. Bachelor, closing weekend. After two late-May pow days, the camera finally came out…

Riders: Bredon Rego, Marcus Rand, Mary Rand and Dylan Gamache

Edit: Brendan Gouin

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Comments (41)

  1. that just looks like pure fun

  2. Pretty Dope to be able to head to a new hill and just competly destroy the hell out of it. Looked like a blast forsure.

  3. Damn that was sick, but kinda just a regular old edit with no new tricks. I was hoping for an edit better than the crew clash, Kind of a let down.

  4. these shredders embody the word style.

  5. this is the truth, mamma said

  6. Front 3 melon gave me wood.

  7. style and fun > everything else.. thats why these guys won, and continue to kill it!

  8. yeeeeeee- hyped.

  9. Yawgoon vids…
    so much fun to watch and listen to!!!

  10. a type of riding colloquially known as “ripping”

  11. $1,000 to the first “Bouncy Board” backflip

  12. After rejecting that one edit that ramped all their shots and calling them out on it, I can’t help but notice all the ramping in this video. Fuck you yobeat.

  13. dope shit fellers!! wish you woulda hit me up though…

  14. Mary Rand, better than Pat Milberry.

  15. Solid edit for sure but yawgoons are way over-hyped.
    Can’t lie though this was some damn impressive filming.

  16. low low standards this time of year apparently. GENERIC

  17. Wow. Not impressed at all.

  18. The music makes me want to vomit, but aside from that, Miss the slopes :\

  19. After watching them kill Yawgoo during such a shitty winter they deserved this

  20. shitty spelling, how do i watch a vimeo plus video when it says i cant, this shits been fuckin with me forever

  21. Cross-continental killers

  22. the herman!

  23. this edit makes me think of the old times….the good times

  24. fuck off you gay cunts, this was dope!

  25. suck on this edit all you fuckin babies that were bummed by yawgoons winning.

    good dudes, great snowboarders that know how to just have fucking fun. so good. snowboarding needs much more of this.

  26. the 2nd to last back 3 he stomped the PISS OUT!

  27. helluva method rego

  28. when you spend the whole winter on the east coast and only get a few days to ride out west, you spend your time having fun and riding not hiking rails to get the banger shots. edit was on point, i think i may have to move to bachelor. and why doesn’t dylan film with ktc?

  29. If you can’t get down with Diana Ross and the Supremes, you shouldn’t snowboard.

  30. dylan dont give a fizuck dats y.

  31. Rego’s method for president!!!!

  32. Rego does da best grabs doeee……

  33. does bachelor have a summer park?

  34. Relax…yawgoons just having fun on their all expense paid trip out west!

  35. I couldnt help but to make strange noises


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