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Givin’s Too Teaser

It’s so nice of snowboard video companies to name their videos after the order the videos come out. Absinthe does it, Standard does it and Givin’s on that tip too. Really makes it easier for us hacks in the media to figure out what’s going on.

Featuring: Keegan Valaika, Wyatt Stasinos, Forest Bailey, Alex Stathis, E Man Anderson, Forrest Burki, Layne Treeter, Doran Laybourn, Chris Bradshaw, Alex Tank, Timmy Ronan, Nick Russell, and some livestock.

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Comments (41)

  1. i didnt care until I saw Bradshaw and Bailey.

  2. Is that the same Evan carpenter punk bitch who tried to steal from red necks at bittersweet and ended up hiding under a tree?

  3. Chris bradsaw sucks at snowboarding that is all

  4. well that was fucking sick.

  5. Fuck yes , I just wanted to see if i posted as Evan if anyone would know the name. That kid is such a faggot he’s famous in michigan. Awesome.

  6. colin sucks at snowboarding that is all

  7. just to let you know jojive yea i do

  8. I predict that the next GIVIN movie will be titled “Givin Tree”. Also, Colin is gay and sucks at snowboarding. That is all.

  9. this is gonna be good. that frontboard by keegan… glad to see the DOPE dudes in this too

  10. fuck you yobeat! this is going to be tits

  11. Does rule snowboarding. Boss-list

  12. god damn hippies

  13. jerm i jus made ur burger with an egg in the middle, the egg was a lil runny in all the wrong ways but overall it was quite enjoyable. it had cream cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon,hot peppers, onions, tomato, humas, lettuce,onion rings,mayo, bbq sauce, salt and pepper all on a toasted bun…toasted to perfection btw! today i went bird watching and saw a couple birds but didnt know what kind they were so i labeled them as falcons and pigeons in my bird notebook. but my birdwatching pen died so i only have a falcon and a pige written down… o well better luck next time..take care jerm!

  14. ^ that sounds amazing. i need to try that.

  15. !Stathis and Keegan in the same movie! **Damn son where’d you find this??**

  16. Wyatt’s part is going to be fucked up, they’re all fucked up.

  17. Wyatts part last year was insane and he was healthy for half the season…its about “Too” go off

  18. In other news apparently Wyatt has also joined the KKK

  19. happy birthday s/o to evan carpenter

  20. dadswag: did you miss givin one?? come on now

  21. I wonder if the whole movie will be as good as those four minutes? Hope so, but those movies don’t come out too often.

  22. looking like the best mix of street and pow in a long time! super excited for this one!

  23. This hippie shit is so sick. Trailer’s got me jizzing tie-dye colored acid

  24. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST… ONE was AMAZING. Keegan and Forest straight had some of the sickest parts last year.. TOO! They got markass filming.. Stathis and Eman this year with keegan and forest.. Damn this and keep the change. VG better get it together.

  25. bradshaw sucked off a kid in the bathroom at bear. that fucker is sick. he should be arrested.

  26. Alex Tank finally getting some recognition in the states. hell yes!

  27. Sick. Changing boarding for the better

  28. Stathis is such a gentle lover. He lets me put it where ever I want

  29. Layne treeter > Alexander Stathis

    Bear don knows what’s up


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