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Fuck Yeah Energy Drink Invades the Snowboard World

Fuck Yeah Energy Drink, in partnership with LED Snowboard Dudes, is officially in the snowboard game! Why? Because we love to get zany extreme and see the future of snowsports unfolding before our eyes! From boards with super phat-dope LED lights to bouncy boards, high flying new stunts like the 1260 tripple flipper and Red Bull (Ew gross, it’s made with bull semen drink Fuck Yeah instead it tastes like neon sludge straight from heaven) doing their Kray-Z movies with choppers and stuff we’ve noticed two extreme trends in the making. One, the youth are innovating and progressing extreme snowboarding like never before, and two, soul-shred old brodawgs are making the gear to make it all happen. So let’s kick things off, find out what the future holds according to you, and never ever make it a reality!

Thanks bros and babes! Fuck Yeah Energy Drink will use this to make the perfect marketing campaign to take extreme to the extreme. Enjoy Fuck Yeah Energy Drink at all zero of the stores it’s sold!

Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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Comments (27)

  1. my diablo 3 account just got hacked :/

  2. hey “FUCK YEAH”

    where do i send my tape?????

  3. Enough to strip down and eat my pussy

  4. A snowboard/ jet pack is obviously cooler than a girl snowboarding. Although I would be a little hesitant to ride a board with rockets attached, a separate pack in which I strapped to my back sounds a little more controllable and stable. Not to mention I would get to ride for a few seconds longer before I go whirling into a tree and die. I want to see some naked chicks snowboarding soon though, that would definitely be cooler than writing this long response.

  5. I voted for more Shane White contests cause he’s my favorite snowboarder

  6. i love polls. they make me feel so important because MY voice was heard.

  7. i prefer the ocean, im allergic to chlorine

  8. too soon

  9. drink water? loljk i smoke crack rocks


  11. where is the poll to vote nick lipton off this website?????

  12. I want an energy drink so strong that my liver AND heart explode.

  13. I want an energy drink and a boner. 2013

  14. snowboardings fucking gay. everyone quit and only do skateboarding all hail cardiel

  15. Yeah Nick Lipton, you really told off those corporate energy drink jerkoffs!!!!!

  16. @thrasher
    cardiel was a snowboarder too you fuckin clown

  17. Haha, #16 I don’t think that was the point. Looking for a quick laugh while being lazy is my guess. Why do you guys take it all so damn serious?

  18. can we just get shorts & shades already?

  19. this drink is made by snowboarders right? wait…

  20. Dear marketing director of Fuck Yeah Energy Drink,
    I would like to collaborate with your brand on the creation of a limited edition “POWER GOGGLE”. First, can we saturate the goggle’s frame foam with intense amounts of caffeine? If so, let’s do business!
    Kind regards,

  21. @matt that’s the point you fucking imbecile he was a sponsored gayboarder until he quit because he was sick of all the spoiled rich white kids and skated because it was more trill.. watch his epicly later’d dumbass then tell me who’s the clown

  22. dis shits gay


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