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Firing Squad: Paul Bagels Stanley vs Danny Vogel

Since you guys don’t seem interested in sending us enough skate photos for a real battle, we’re gonna stick with snow. This week, it’s a plant-off and you have a real tough decision to make. Let’s face it, neither of these shots are perfect, but does the humor of a man thong make up for a missed grab? Or does proper style (though in the middle of the wall) make you happier? One of them is gonna win, so just suck it up and vote.

Photo 1 by Paul Bagels Stanley

Photo 2 by Danny Vogel

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Comments (27)

  1. Voting for PBS… That could have NASTY consequences.

  2. DV steezy allllllllllll day!

  3. No grab = no trick, just a fag in a thong
    Clear grab, and very clear plant on the wall = 6/10

    I’ll say, not a perfect plant but better than no grab

  4. thongs aside the composition in bagels photo is superior. dont be a sucker.

  5. I like naked men…. So that is what I voted for.

  6. paul bagels stanley is fucking GAYYYYYY, suck my fucking cock faggot!

  7. Paul’s is a Backside Plant with a missed grab. Danny’s is a Frontside Plant with an Indy.

    Obviously the Frontside is more difficult and well, it’s grabbed. Danny wins.

  8. excuse me matt, but its a backside plant with a missed grab, IN A THONG! danny’s is still just a frontside plant with an indy. hold the thong.

  9. the pointer finger is totally touching his edge

  10. in regards to comment #11: You play ball like a GIRL, better luck next year ya hoser.

  11. In regards to #11…. If you’re not me… don’t try to be me… pretty lame dude.. pretty lame!

  12. no grab vs grab… easy decision – Danny Vogel

  13. Bo’s nutz are hairy then Dannys

  14. Just kidding im not the real danny vogel but he should win anyways!!!!!

  15. paul’s photo is the better photo. forget the subject, frontside, backside (with maybe a little too much front side), this is a photo battle.

  16. what a waste of a photo battle

  17. pauls photo itself is much better. nice framing man

  18. I like Dannys better, get that guy out of the background, get the grab, and stop wearing thongs first guy!

  19. 420 total votes, das wassup


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