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T∞ H▲RD Teaser

Oh do we have a special treat for you today, lucky readers! It’s the first look at Danyale Patterson’s new flick, T∞ Hâ–²RD. Why should you be excited about a girls movie, when you have a penis and think you can probably snowboarder better than them? Because these are no average chicks. They fall hard, act hard and board the hardest. And if you pay attention, you might see boobs. But enough from us, we caught up with Danyale to get the real scoop on “T∞ Hâ–²RD”

Who are you and why did you decide to make a video?

I’m Danyale Patterson and I decided to make a video this year because I wanted to try something new. I really enjoy editing and memories. I thought this project would be a fun way to document a year of friends and snowboarding.

Who’s in the movie? How did you choose who you filmed?

The roster includes about 15 girls. The girls in the film are my friends, so really we just chose each other. We get a long, think and feel similarly about snowboarding, and enjoy what we’re doing, which hopefully reflects on screen.

I can come up with plenty of meanings for the name T∞ Hâ–²RD, but what’s your story behind it?

Hah well, I asked my friend to help me think of a name and he said “I can’t, It’s too hard.” I laughed and said that’s perfect. It worked well because we are just a bunch of hard ass suburban white girls and because everything really IS too hard. Especially filming with girls.

Aside from being all babes, how will the video be different from the other 10000 out this year?

Well it’s going to be very eclectic. Girls are crazy and moody. I hope to portray female characteristics and moodiness is definitely a big one.

Do you think people want to watch women’s snowboarding? Do you care?

Hah IDK. I love watching it. Women’s boarding is hilarious and exciting because it’s just not supposed to happen. Girls always look like they are going to die and a lot of times they do, plus when they finally do land it’s AMAZING! It’s like watching a cat try to swim. It’s unique, cute, and awkward. Way more entertaining than men’s boarding. They just land tricks over and over and over. So repetitive and perfect.

When does the full movie drop?


Girls: Danyale Patterson, Fancy Rutherford, Darrah Reid-McLean, Marie Hucal, Madison Blackley, Gadrielle Maiden, Taylor Elliot, Alice Gorton, Mary Rand, Jessi Huege, Joanie Robichaud, Desiree Melancon and more.

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