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The number of nut puns we could make to go along with this video from Dialogue Productions is almost overwhelming, so instead, we’ll just tell you to pull up a chair and enjoy 15 minutes of boarding from Central Canada and beyond.

Featuring: Brad Hesson, Brady Swartz, Jeffrey Robinson, Mark Goodall, Jesse Greer and Matt Bujok along with the Peanut Gang: Adam Franks, Joel Dalacker, Cole Vibert, Brady Smith and Justin Verberne

Directed/Filmed/Edited by Trevor Harris

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Comments (20)

  1. that was awesome dudes! sick editing, sick riding, got alot done up there where there was actually some snow…

  2. pretty proper

  3. Awesome! you guys are geniuses!

  4. Mark Goodall is a babe, and everyone killed it! Editing was exquisite as well!

  5. best shit on yobeat in a while

  6. after watching half of this for a second time i realized that Jeff kid and that Brad kid have the most agressive elbows out afterbang steeze and now thats all I see when I watch them, gross.

  7. i think i saw jed anderson in there.