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Jersey’s Own: Kevin Kaczynski

Thanks to quality programming like Jersey Shore, New Jersey sometimes gets a bad wrap. But for the record, Pauly D is from Rhode Island, and Kevin Kacznski is doing his best to show you the Garden State ain’t all bad.

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Comments (12)

  1. Kevin’s Killin shit!

  2. this nigga made YOBEAT?? shitttttttttttttttt… love you dawg

  3. Kevins a cool kid and great rider but he really needs to get out of MC. The last few years that place has really gone downhill and he’ll be such a much better rider once he gets away from the tiny jumps and oldschool rails. Go kevin!

  4. heck yeah buddyy!

  5. best part is he is the most humble kid on the mountain

  6. last clip afterbang of the year? no hate

  7. hell yea this kid needs to get out of jersey!


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