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Firing Squad: May Champions Battle

Since we quickly went back to the old format, we’re quickly at our next Champions Battle. That means four photos are facing off for the joy and glory of receiving Burton Camera pack and it’s up to you to decide which photo is worthy. How will you choose? Do you go with photo quality, gnarliest trick or just click the button of the photographer you told you to come here. Look deep inside and make the choice that’s right for you.

Winner April 24th: Robert Wilcox

Winner May 1: Tommy Larragueta

Winner May 8: Joseph Large

Winner May 15: Colter Heard

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OH, HEY YOU, SEND US GOOD PHOTOS! Learn how you could be a part of the Firing Squad here.


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Comments (25)

  1. so……minipark shot. and for the composition, you are correct, it’s wack. Middle of photo rider, no depth, no real contrast, weak trick, and lots of foreground to make the minjump look like the rider got some air.

  2. get off you’re buddy’s dick fools and recognize a good photo when you see one

  3. I voted for colter’s… and I don’t know him.

  4. man stop hatin on my gloves, i got those for fuckin 10 bucks at costco.

  5. #3 lighting, composition, trick, it’s all there