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(Almost) End of the Season at Bachelor

For the past few weeks, Mt Bachelor has had its lifts turning and even some not-so-super parks rocking. The locals indulge, while you get jealous. Remember, it’s not over yet! Shorts and Shades is going down Sunday, May 27th and everyone’s invited.

Video by Troy Costa

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  • nick


  • brazzers

    pretty sweet except that kid with the last part was a douche, who claims a nose press??

  • Zach Leach

    and he didn’t even hold it through the whole rail

  • colin

    #hashtags are gay

  • yourmom


  • jerm

    maybe a little color correction next time? edit wasnt bad, but it wasnt great either. bradshaw kind of let me down at the end.

  • Ballsmcsnacken

    Atleast Bradshaw’s part was tightttttt.

  • que?

    pretty sure the nose press was switch?

  • MoleHole

    chikz in bend dig deez doodz

  • jojive

    last part was a banger forsure all these yo beat kids are lame

  • poo

    will dennis is a SICK BEAST

  • question

    Sick edit!! whats the name of the song? my ears dig these sounds