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Firing Squad: Colter Heard vs Fabrice Toussaint

It may be heating up out there, but it’s still the dead of winter in the Firing Squad. Mainly because you guys haven’t sent us any good skate photos, but also because we have these two to run, and it was almost meant to be. You see, both photographers captured snowboarders getting sideways on a rail, and both used foreground elements to compose their images. Does all that nonsense just distract you or make for a great photo? You wield the power with the click of a mouse, so vote!

Photo 1 by Colter Heard

Photo 2 by Fabrice Toussaint

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Comments (16)

  1. there is wayyyyyyy wayyy wayyyyy to much snow in these pictures. thats not hesh pussy

  2. The first one would be better if there wasn’t a giant brick wall blocking half the photo…

  3. miguel i totally agree the brick wall ruins that picture

  4. mi sorta thinking the filmer ruins the second photo…


  6. why ride rails when you have access to real snow???

  7. I feel like the consequences in the second photo are worse but I like the first shot better.

  8. the second photo has a better vibe to it

  9. Both pictures are good, but number one is number one.

  10. Blurry.

  11. The first photo has sharp, clear depth perception, automatically leading the viewers eyes to the talent.

    The second photo is a nightmare. Too much leadroom, too much headroom, the photographer in the shot for some reason is the center of attention. As this shot has been seen 100,000 times since the dawn of snowboard films – NO CONTEST.

  12. Helmets are for pussies..#2 all day.


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