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The 2012 Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge

Calling all land-locked surfers trapped in snowboarders bodies. Here’s your chance to get bronzed, barreled and so pitted. It’s Legendary big wave surfer Gerry Lopez’s Big Wave challenge at Mt. Bachelor. On May 13, 2012, locals and Superpark leftovers gathered for a slush-tastic good time. Surfs up bro!

does not like to find tranny.
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Comments (14)

  1. I hate you all. Snowboarding in May and not inviting me? Assholes.

  2. I’m prairy dogging at the moment.

  3. big wave riding is for macho assholes with a deathwish

  4. nice acceptance speech, must have had the ladies panties dripping wet.

  5. huf camp cap while snowboarding is highly questionable

  6. look at all of these kids trying to be funny

  7. GUSTOOO!!!! The Don rips

  8. next time bring some orange slices. lol.

  9. 2:1 – Surf City has a great ratio! I’m moving there.

  10. Le Grande Fromage u wanna know why we didn’t invite u, because of that super queer moment u had in the cabin. We walked in on you with a homosexual eskimo, with your penis folded in between your legs. U sick Freak.

  11. they just wish they had superpark access



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