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People’s Court: Ryan Lanham vs Keaton Young

This one should be a big hit with Yobeat fans. The edits are short, they’re all rails, and the riders wear fitting clothes. These two are basically the same person. The only real difference? The music. Do you go for death metal or hip tunes? Make the call and vote.

Ryan Lanham

Keaton Young

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Mandatory Disclaimer: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder. As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) Videos should be submitted by the rider, not the videographer or your asshole friends. But whatever.

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Comments (43)

  1. jerm was stoked on both of these, jerms mom also

  2. Brighton dont got shit on Eldora. Fuck u canada u aint got shit on America.

  3. first edit was balls! How do i know he landed anything show some full tricks .

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