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ThirtyTwo Spot Check: Copper Mountain

The ThirtyTwo team closed out the 2012 season at Copper Mountain. Enjoy this video featuring beers, bros and boarding.

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Comments (30)

  1. Mannn.. the best Spot Check ever done.

  2. for some reason i fucking love the noise it makes when they land on rails. muther fuckers prolly got some fancy ass microphone or someshit.

  3. best spot check i ever seen to bad no mulford. and ape arms a bitch

  4. Fire cracker up stairs? uhhh…. my penis feels kinda funny…

  5. ^eldora most certainly isnt “dahood”

  6. this video had the proper double cork to double kink ratio

  7. this would be my 4th time watching

  8. wow that was the worst edit i have ever seen! how was this not rejected? I woulda got way better tricks with more style… but i cant really prove that now cuz my mountains closed tho

  9. Best spotcheck out so far!! April is a BEAST!! Sleepy is Nuts. Hobush has the best style in the game. Murphy had bangers, but i see people like to hate…