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Vermont’s Faux Storm

It may not have been an amazing winter in Vermont, but these guys seemed to make due (this is just the park and b footy which means, there’s more!)

Riders: Shaun Murphy, Brian Skorupski, Ian Keay, Zack Wilmot, Levi Gunzburg, Timmy Sullivan and Jordan Parks.
Edit: Jeff Marr

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Comments (23)

  1. diggin the VHS 90s skate footy look

  2. we get it, you guys drink beer, totally badass.

    footage was good though

  3. wood rails are gnarly

  4. holy handplant. this was fuckin awesome. pat bridges would be proud.

  5. Glad to see the beer is aplenty
    Keep killin it

  6. that 7 nosetap was the filthton

  7. freak that bitch out den tone

  8. get ready kids….for the VHS edit invasion that is to come in 2013. these fucking things are popping up everywhere.

  9. The dude who filmed this must have gone to art school.

  10. shaun murphy killin it as usual

  11. @upstatemike. where else have you seen vhs style edits? i want to see them

  12. hmmmmm

  13. murph and levi….so sick

  14. but seriously that brian kid seriously looks like……a GIRL

  15. hey goose, you sound like quite the pussy.

  16. Keith stone i bet you ski

  17. @thorn you’re probably brian

  18. @ mo jazz….really? they’re everywhere. especially in skateboarding.