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Intern Analysis: The Headphone Test

Here at YOBEAT, we like to think outside the box. So, when a gigantic box of headphones from Aerial7, Skull Candy, and Sol Republic showed up at our office, we decided that testing these things on sound-quality would just be ridiculous. For the good of the viewer, we needed to know which headphones we’re going to help us boost the highest, and tweak the hardest. To keep it scientific, the Intern listened to “Hard in the paint (remix)” by Rick Ross on loop the entire day, and did a series of tests on a blustery day at Timberline to determine which headphones would help you shred the hardest.

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Comments (22)

  1. Scorp was fucked

  2. the way this guys snowboards confuses the shit out of me, it’s interesting.

  3. this was almost as lame as that every third thursday video with the bush board.

  4. Does everyone at yobeat suck at snowboarding as much as this guy and jerm?

  5. and instead of learning to hate, these interns should learn to snowboard

  6. that smokin board looks an awfullllll lot like the ice coast kill shit boards.

  7. what do your interns actually do?

  8. I’d rather support my Frends.

  9. I used to work with Rick Ross. Poser to the fullest.

  10. This was not funny or interesting in the slightest bit.

  11. That was by far the best scorp i have ever seen

  12. The suburbs are angggrrrryyyyyy.

    (I liked it, though.)

  13. the best part of this edit would have to be the 2 minutes of black silence at the very end

  14. the intern is a little too good at snowboarding badly. but that scorpion…. wow.

  15. if i had a dollar for every time someone knuckled the jumps in conways or did a gay method without tweaking it i would have enough money to buy yobeat and stop all this nonsense

  16. Start testing interns for proper methods before letting them post.

  17. You forgot to include the DJ SLIMS by OUTDOOR TECHNOLOGY!!!!


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