Bush Bangers

Newly-promoted Yobeat cartoonist and UVM graduate Stanley said we should post this. Who are we to argue?

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  1. bDr
    bDr says:

    I saw the kid in the blue do the same trick on that downrail like 4 times, but i liked it anyways

  2. Stan
    Stan says:

    who is the kid in the all black? he straight kills shit, that front 5 out was dope

  3. jerm
    jerm says:

    so making it to the end of the rail is no longer a requirement of completing a trick? this edit makes me ashamed to call UVM my alma mater. oh and 1:37, fire.

  4. rick
    rick says:

    what a bunch of rich college pussys who move to burlington from new jersey and put 802 stickers everywhere like they are locals. where were the bangers? sugartwat = best resort in the east

  5. ya
    ya says:

    yeah a lotta bullshit but some good tricks mixed in too. some of those were female shots too rememeber. but also the best shots were from the coach and not the team so…

  6. mn
    mn says:

    some decent shots, some dusty, 2:22 was cool, gap to top of the wallride looked hefty.

  7. hmmmm....
    hmmmm.... says:

    i honestly expected more hate comments after i watched this. no that i hated it.

  8. um
    um says:

    the guy doing 450s on and just horribly gay switch ups was really horribly gay. nice signal park rocker bud. doing tricks on that board not only looks hecka sick but it totally counts

  9. johnny
    johnny says:

    to um, its actually a Rhythm, go do those trick and ill come visit u in the hospital after u break yourself

  10. johnny
    johnny says:

    i am not that guy, his name is john lyke, just clarifying cause my names also john and dont want u to think its him


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