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Strange Brew at Mammoth

The Tahoeians head to Mammoth for a trip full complete with hot springs, hot babes, hot weather, oh and some hot boarding too.

Riders: Brady Lem, Brandon Sorel, and Tommy Gesme

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Comments (19)

  1. wow! a dazzling array of manouvres

  2. tommy gesme

  3. cool color correct..

  4. strange brew chaps rip…especially that keegan lookalike. but yeah, chill on the saturation homie!

  5. The dark colors look really professional and awesome and impressing and awesome, but I think I’d like it more if I could see the riders against the trees and sky.

  6. main looks so fun this time of year

  7. pretty sure that was a switch method

  8. i think the filmer has parkinson’s

  9. 2:09.

  10. hyland just keeps pumping them out


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