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Strange Brew at Mammoth

The Tahoeians head to Mammoth for a trip full complete with hot springs, hot babes, hot weather, oh and some hot boarding too.

Riders: Brady Lem, Brandon Sorel, and Tommy Gesme

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  • aaron

    wow! a dazzling array of manouvres

  • makefriendsordie

    tommy gesme

  • DannyG

    cool color correct..

  • speed king

    strange brew chaps rip…especially that keegan lookalike. but yeah, chill on the saturation homie!

  • pattmerson

    sick fisheye

  • ghetto blaster

    tommy gesme has some insane style

  • YMR

    The dark colors look really professional and awesome and impressing and awesome, but I think I’d like it more if I could see the riders against the trees and sky.

  • catYo

    these guys

  • disapointed

    wherre were the hot babes?

  • bDr

    1:26 = 8=D~~

  • Max Tokunaga


  • squares

    wicked boarding, soggy method

  • jojive

    main looks so fun this time of year

  • magoo

    pretty sure that was a switch method

  • boneyballsack

    i think the filmer has parkinson’s

  • $$$$$


  • VT


  • jeremiahjohnson

    snowboarding is fun!

  • mn

    hyland just keeps pumping them out