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Nitro’s One Run: Markus Kleveland

The latest installment of Nitro’s Hyped hype up series one run features Markus Kelveland. If you’ve never heard of him, you’re not alone, but considering he’s 13, we’re thinking that’ll change soon. For now, get jealous/threatened by his skills and then submit your own run at

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Comments (8)

  1. I hope his pants don’t get like mine.

  2. Such a typical little kid, he kills it on jumps but probably cant do any thing on rails

  3. he wanted that front three out! just couldnt get it…

  4. @corey, typical little kid…? what kids have you seen, especially that have been featured on this site, that kill it at jumps? quite the opposite i think.

  5. that snow looks so fast. so sick of slush…

  6. two frontside spins and a 10 of a 15 foot jump? I LOVE WERE SNOWBOARDING IS HEADING!!!!!

  7. he definitly sent it like 30 feet


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