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Powder Daze: The Toe-Side Terrors Vol 1

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  1. little did they know, there was a 5th mortal creature named “JACKKTHEMACKK” his powers include gay boy jizz blast and his only weekness was girls. He is often seen wearing cuffed pants and TOMS shoes. you might hear him saying “hype” or “good decisions”

  2. thats hella cute how you bitch about how snowboarding has been divided into categories yet you create four different categorized snowboarders.

  3. people outside of gremlin culture love spliffs. fuck zeach dancing.

  4. terrydacktylitis–mcrawwwwww!

  5. okay on 4/20 you profiled the types of stonerboarders, now this. get some better content!!

  6. These guys are so badass that the guy from watchmens blue pecker shrivels up just thinking about them

  7. I’d say im like mr. mcgraw 🙂

  8. I have seriously seen Mr. anonymous at Baker! Wearing all black head to toe. He kills it. the legends are true. I also saw him hiking outside Stevens Pass (one resort south) same guy I swear. I tried to catch up to him but he is too fast he is like a shadow or a ghost or a ghost shadow

  9. this is awesome. it’s true, these dudes will be key in helping to save snowboarding!

  10. “he has an afterbang so fierce, the mountain shakes” hahah great

  11. Yawgoons will fucking slay Hansu Wieth

  12. once again the gremlinz get trashed on yobeat


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