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Brighton Must be the Place #3

The season-ender you’ve been dreading, yet waiting for, all at the same time!

Featuring: Jordan Morse, Alex Cato, Jesse Gouveia, Kevin Maples, Stefan Salisbury, Andrew Aldridge, Sean Whitaker, Chris Cloud, and Erik Nielsen.

does not like to find tranny.
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Comments (49)

  1. alex cato shreds. and to make it even better…hes down with JNEPNATION

  2. that front nose same way was probably the best one ever done.

  3. damn that chick at the end is tight

  4. at first i was ready to be amazed by the ender…but he missed the rail

  5. so who cant three on to rails in that crew

  6. Fuck this tranny finder associated bullshit. Yobeat sucks

  7. i swear jordan morse is on his level right now.

  8. jordan morse is on some other other shit

  9. JNEPNATION, go fuck yourself. get the fuck out of here.

  10. i have no clue what jnepnation is

  11. Ronny Roadkill boosting the pole jam back one

  12. what the fuck why are these videos down when i try to look at them. FUCK YOU YOBEAT I WANT MY FUCKING VIDEOS

  13. Back three opp one was soooo locked. Jordan morse. god damn.

  14. Did you guys see my interview!? I’m famous

  15. hey make sure you guys still vote for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Proper as fudge! Jordan morse got to stop spanking his board instead of grabbing it though..

  17. Please like this comment and of course the video. Also dont forget to vote for us in next years nike chosen

  18. mutha fuck goons, mutha fuck stoop, mutha fuck deathrow and heres comes my left bow.

  19. @urpaholic, cut off your head, kevin’s style is so sick

  20. weed makes you kill!!! thats why jesse dont smoke none

  21. no, they just broke up

  22. “Standard comment about Jesse and Connor being passionate lovers.”

  23. kevin maples is the god damn man

  24. but do they make out like richie and jeremy?

  25. @frontliptofakie no its wack. he sucks

  26. no you suck, go home and stick your fleshlight up your a$$

  27. i always get really excited when people back 270 on and hope they’re not going to go same way but, they always do. ugh

  28. are we watching robots snowboard?

  29. hah to bad robots are fucking sick.

  30. soggy 270’s, jesse. shits weak!

  31. if he did boardslide-back flip-boardslide for the ender loonatics and this must be the place would have to drop the gloves


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