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Brighton Must be the Place #3

The season-ender you’ve been dreading, yet waiting for, all at the same time!

Featuring: Jordan Morse, Alex Cato, Jesse Gouveia, Kevin Maples, Stefan Salisbury, Andrew Aldridge, Sean Whitaker, Chris Cloud, and Erik Nielsen.

does not like to find tranny.
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Comments (49)

  1. i always get really excited when people back 270 on and hope they’re not going to go same way but, they always do. ugh

  2. are we watching robots snowboard?

  3. hah to bad robots are fucking sick.

  4. soggy 270’s, jesse. shits weak!

  5. if he did boardslide-back flip-boardslide for the ender loonatics and this must be the place would have to drop the gloves

  6. sw hardway back 270 to reg. god damn

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