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Rejected Edits

Teasers, season edits, these are the types of things that are supposed to be all the bangers from the last couple of months. If this is what you devoted your season to, well, better luck next year.

Look Mom Files vol. 2: C-

You clearly spent a lot of time watching edits this winter. Got the pull back, push in tight angle down. I felt like I was watching a shitty version of TMBTP. But maybe that’s what you were going for.

Salty Saturday: D

This is one of those times when you just shouldn’t film yourselves. Unless of course your trying to bore someone to sleep.

Shark week! D

Grey pants and red pants should go somewhere and jerk each other off over stance widths thus eliminating them from being in this edit and having to be seen by anyone.

Sorry for the wait (part1): C

Let’s be honest, who are you really apologizing to for having to wait for this? My guess is you came up with this title because your mom was yelling at you to stop playing computer games and to do your chores. Listen to your mom, stop making shitty edits, do your chores and don’t make part 2.

Spirit Mountain 2012: D

You guys did a pretty good job of showing off this new style I like to call the “high shoulder.” It looks kind of like you went out in the cold and you didn’t wear enough clothes so your shrugging your shoulders up all the time to stay warm. See :26 for one example. Aside from that, you’re not that good either, keep trying.

Spring Break at Big White: D-

This edit blew me away. I didn’t think it possible in one season but it has happened. The Flipping Bird crew has people trying to be like them. You guys were pretty spot on. P.s. watch the first clip and turn the volume up.

XXX Lap Shred feat. Big Dick Paz: F

Holy hell. I thought our dub step was bad. For anyone out there that bitches about dub step you have to try and watch this. What kind of sick fuck actually likes this kind of music or edit?

Swaggalina: D-

Maybe this is sick wherever you’re from. But I can assure you in the US it’s not.

Getting Squirrely at Keystone

Your attempts as being cool and drinking while doing moves are sad. All you did was prove you’re not good at snowboarding drunk, either.

March and April: C-

All GoPros should come with a disclaimer, “ownership and usage of this device does not mean you should make and publish edits.” Congrats, you made another shitty summit county spring break go pro edit.

Brock Mogensen: C

This edit is just awesome. Most of the time I just take solo edits and put them in the Peoples Court bank but you’ve got something crazy going on with your body and style. What the fuck are you doing out there? So much movement, its like you have little to no control over yourself.

Nasty SLugz X Buck Hunters @ Shredstock: C-

The Loonatics called, they want you to stop riding their dicks with your wannabe style.

yeah!!! the teaser: D

NOOO!!! The verdict.

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Comments (70)

  1. i support them jnepnation niggas and everything they do. jerm, they deserve a reject.

  2. jerm just wait for YEAH the movie to drop in its entirety

  3. Jeremiah paquette stop sippin the hateraide man… in my past experience people who go out of their way to make fun of others usually have something they hate about themselves. go get laid man sounds like it could do u some good..

  4. is paquette french? that would make sense, frog niggas get stomped in the 914

  5. i feel like some of the kids can actually ride they just suck dick at buying glass bongs and making edits. who the fuck films a bong rip when the bong has a metal stem and bowl? fucking fags. thats why the edit should be rejected, i dont think their copying at all

  6. @Greg D, thats why im so good at this. the only thing i love more than putting people down is myself.

  7. Ya’ll go fuck yourselfs, shark week was poppin off!!!!!!!!!! get at me. p.s jerm, i fucked your mom!

  8. Kid with the capita in look mom actually wasnt that bad

  9. what the fuck.. i saw alot of okay/good riders, do you have to be a pro so your trick seems cool and so some retard apeshits over the edits those poor guys did with good attentions of spreading fun.
    everyone should make a video if they want to, i want to see some shredits of “jerms” or what the fuck his name is. sorry for my bad spelling, peace

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