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FootyFiend Racks!

The season may be slowing down in the rest of the world, but FootyFiend shows no signs of stopping. Rack em up!

Riders: Adam Franks, Kai Ujejski, Brin Alexander, Brady Smith, Cody Wilson, and Sean Thompson.

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Comments (35)

  1. future of snowboarding? lol. more like rejected edits, ‘racks on racks on .. No.’

  2. if these nerd went to bear they would get chewd the fuck up. bears not down these dorks get some real ste

  3. @bear don, Cody Wilson and Brady Smith were both at Bear last week for the Ashbury demo,, if you actually went to the hill you would of seen them fucking destroy it.

  4. Bear dons on point. Stathis is a bitch, heard he’s gay with Cody Wilson