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View From Rock Bottom Teaser

Apparently it did snow enough in the Midwest this year to hit some heavy shit. These guys were on it!

Featuring: Brandon Sakiewicz, Jessi Huege, Benny Kaufman, Scott Rutherford, Al binder, Paul Buck, Jose Magra, Mitch Kirby, Jake DeVries, Wade Coll, Kris Coll, Chris Bailoni, Cooper Slack, James Wilson, Kyle Kelley, Jake Moore, Mike Averitt, Sean Toyra and more.

Filmed and edited by Johnny Huege and Friends.

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Comments (42)

  1. this is going to be so good. All these dudes kill it.

  2. golf clap.

  3. and nick lipton said there was no scene in illinois…

  4. Wall ride to 50-50 was intense

  5. Benny mathafuckin Kaufmann.

  6. NICE! but song abd in boyish for those of you who know your skateboarding

  7. tricks were gnarly/edit lacked creativity


    Yeah this one is my bad. Didnt know that was used.
    begin hate now.

  9. so sick. whatever about the song, shit gets repeated all the time, who cares. honest mistake.

    good to see a sick new group of dudes from around the midwest who know whats good.

  10. we all know uppermichigan is you, mitch kirby. quit being a puss… but the video was really cool

  11. magic hair had a baby. ill watch just to see if that wall ride to rail is landed. respect for tryin though

  12. I hope the make a short video. shots look awesome, but if this is gonna be more than 12minutes, I’m not gonna watch it because there will be 3 other full movies released the same day

  13. lacking *original creativity

  14. Witch house teaser… Nice try, theres only 1 rob balding.

  15. you guys should put me in you video, i promise i wont zeach

  16. where’s the obligatory dubstep hate? sick job guys

  17. 360 on to the big red ledge, wild.


  19. saw a shot from bozeman in there! legit

  20. intense, especially the wall ride to handrail

  21. is the full movie going to be black and white too?

  22. that was cab 360 on the red ledge, get wit it

  23. much love, but boyish is way to sick to repeat.

  24. this isn’t dub step, it’s witch house

  25. motherfuckers were gettin after it! i’m sufficiently teased.

  26. “does it look like i can read a book?” NO

  27. seen the clips, heavy stuff from the other side of magic hair lol super sick johnny

  28. eh terence. you speak truth mi boi

  29. might wanna learn to export properly before you make a full movie

  30. Not one kitchen joke for the girl? Yobeat….

  31. Johnny mad love, these haters can suck it. Your a winch tech now. BRO FILMED MOVIE!