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Firing Squad: April 17, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we announce the first installment in a new era of the Yobeat Firing Squad. Unlike before, the quality of photo only sort of matters. Instead, we’re looking for the most entertaining, insightful and otherwise awesome comment you can muster. Write a witty caption, a brilliant critique or just make us laugh. Each week we’ll select our favorite and its author (along with the photographer of each week’s featured photo) will receive a goodie pack from Burton Snowboards. Be sure to use your REAL EMAIL so we can contact you when you win. If you have a photo you’d like tin the line of fire, submit it now!

Photo: Mikey Stilling
Rider: Cody Trapp


To submit your photo, visit our submission guidelines.

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Comments (65)

  1. So do we comment on here?

    Uh, if so…

    Does this flannel make my ass look big? I feel like my ass looks big. Guys, is it big? Guys? Hey… guys?

  2. i would suck anyones weewee if i could do front bluntz lyk3 dis

  3. Puck goodie packs. Nice grind, lets spoon laterz broha.

  4. Evar since i got these Flux bindings i can do this shit omg i luv em

  5. everyones gonna cheer so loud and think im the sickest for doing a front blunt WITH a grab! god im awesome

  6. Lean back, lean back, ya’ll don’t know me like that!…Please don’t let me bite my tongue off

  7. this is lame. bring the old firing squad back.

  8. Its funny watching everyone get all butthurt now they have to be witty to win and cant leave the harsh zeach to ass bruise comments

  9. fuck this comment shit, bring back quality photos not this garbage hey look at my facebook photos.

  10. “Michael Jordan used to stick his tongue out, and he was rad, so I should too”

  11. must not be from mass, look at all that snow!

  12. Really? A tube photo? My fucking grandma could front board that, and she wouldn’t have done some gay grab with it.

  13. Can we get good pictures again?

  14. Between this photo and that Yawgoons video is having ripped up shitty pants going to become a trend?

  15. im gay

  16. Lumberjacks agree: “Axes should be sharp, corrugated tubing however, should be blunted.”

  17. Where’s the torch? I need to take a dab….wow look at that! snowboarding is cool again!

  18. I want pretty pictures to look at, not this garbage. Bring back the old system, more Ben Birk please.

  19. This is worse than my last photo battle…

  20. grab yo blunts grab yo kids. 420 is comin

  21. every attempt to win has no thumbs up, only thumbs down. every complaint about the format change has only thumbs up. i don’t know what to comment. no, this isn’t some reverse psychology to try to win. i really don’t know what to write. and i don’t care. if you send the backpack to me i straight up won’t use it

  22. Wait, I’m doing a front blunt, and listening to dubstep, and on yobeat at the same time. #yolo

  23. this dude needs some fucking photoshop lessons

  24. ”Jerm’s computer’s new wallpaper”

  25. Too much time spent in post and not enough time spent composing the image.

  26. Gettin barreled on the rigid tunnel

  27. Old system was hunky-dory because there was nothing in it for being hilarious. Now a bunch of meat torpedoes are completely wrecking the experience and making it feel like one of those “caption this” photos on facebook.

  28. Guys, this trick is going to be the ender to my gopro edit. Check my steeze on this one.

  29. Who’s this fucker in my basement!

  30. I love this angle. I can cover up the zeach pretty damn well…

  31. Great effort on the shot but I would like to see something with a different perspective of a boring trick, also your background is very cluttered with people different perspectives can make it so you can clean up your background. Not saying that boring tricks cant make great photos it just means you as a photog has to work much much harder. Nice shot, keep shooting.

  32. now trending- front crunts

  33. Is that a snow maker over on the right side of the photo?

  34. highland snowmaking guns got about 50 in my basement

  35. Some come here to take a shit
    Some come here to leave one
    I come here to scratch my balls
    And read the bullshit on the walls

  36. Fuck Everyone

  37. “I PREFER proper blunts… zeaches are just too mainstream”

  38. If I land this shit, im going pro. hopefully someone will notice this is next years flannel.

  39. I hope his knuckles drag across that tube.. To fakie.

  40. these comments are just fucking embarassing.


  41. Yea right, you’re just trying to make us use our real emails so you can track us down like that Jerm’s mom kid and then Jerm can beat us up.

  42. Looks like this kid is getting ready for prison.

  43. shyt, you nig lipped the blunt again man!

  44. @upstate mike… put away your hard on. Yawgoons kill it, we know.

  45. I thought this site’s motto was ‘making fun of snowboarding’ but I guess it now is ‘less funny than a dubstep video’s comments on youtube’

  46. burn crosses

  47. Oh fuck I’m totally the park manager! But seriously, he’s the park manager at terrible basin.

  48. how are you really going to do this trick and think its sick? i get it, youre trying to make it look like a crail slide. but its far from, its just stupid.

  49. That blunts getting boned harder than jerms mom…

  50. Is this horrible section of the site sponsored by saga also?

  51. Connor Brown on April 17th, 2012 at 2:52 pm:
    Vote This Must Be The Place!

    Best comment. Jerm go eat bags of dicks. You are a faggot.

  52. wait, when will the challenger be posted next to this with a poll?


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