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Exposed: Jerm’s Mom

When Jerm’s mom began commenting on the site, we were a bit surprised. Who knew moms read Yobeat? But as her comments got more and more inappropriate we realized that maybe it was just someone using the name “Jerm’s Mom.” A little high-level Internet investigation, and we were able to deduce the true identity of said individual, the non-threatening fellow pictured above was exposed. With a a simple Facebook message, we were able to secure an exclusive interview with the real fake Jerm’s mom — a kid named Kody from Canada.

Well first and foremost, are you a girl?

Well, I have longer hair than most girls. So I look like a girl from a far, probably even from up close. But I am nothing more than a boy that is to scared to talk shit to people in person, so I do it on Yobeat.

Are you aware that you’re from Canada?

Yes, I realized I was from Canada at the young age of 5. When I went outside and found a dog. I asked my mother if I could keep it but instead she screamed and yelled, “That’s a fucking polar bear!”

Is the Internet your release from being a pussy in real life all day because you’re Canadian?

Duuhh, Why else would I be on Yobeat if I wasn’t a pussy?

Where do you live? We hear you Cannucks don’t lock your doors.

I live in the middle of butt fuck no where. Also known as Vancouver. In an igloo like most Canadians, contrary to popular belief, the majority of us still live in igloos, drink maple syrup with Jack Daniels, and hunt seals to survive.

What are your credentials? Who are you to talk shit?

Who needs credentials? What is this Transworld? But if you must know, I got a “C” in Rejected Edits once.

How did you decide on the Jerm’s mom moniker?

It all started on a Winter’s day, I was in my friends igloo looking at Rejected edits when I saw that our edit was on it. I was beyond excited until I read what Jeremiah Paquette himself had to say. He said, and I quote, “These kids had the right idea. They knew their edit sucked so upon submitting it they said it was fine to post it under rejected edits. At least that way it will get some coverage. Let me tell you this though, I hate any sort of ass kissing or soft cockery. So next time bring something legit to the table or don’t even bother getting out of bed.” That’s when I decided to bring Jerm’s Mom to the table. That children, is the story of Jerm’s Mom

Does being a known commentor make you feel important?

Obviously, I’m a piece of shit in real life.

What would you do if you met jerm face to face?

I’ve dreamed of the moment we would meet. I always imagined it like those fuckin gay romantic movies when we would both run towards each other on opposite sides of the beach. But instead of hugging, he would punch me right in the fucking chops. Then we would make ourselves feel good by bullshitting about how everyone zeaches except us.

Have you ever been in a fight? What happened?

Yeah, well it wasn’t really a fight. But apparently people don’t like it when you call them out in person. It was pretty much like the scene from the hang over when Mike Tyson knocks Zach Galifianakis the fuck out, and then my dad called me a pussy. That’s why I only talk shit on Yobeat now.

How would you feel if jerm fucked your mom?

Well Basedgod already fucked my Mom and I said “Thank you Basedgod!” But I would be fuckin honored if Jerm fucked my mom, even though that’s kinda fucked up because he would be fucking his grandma. But whatever your into.

I would also like to let the world know that I am Zeacher Mcswivel. If you don’t know who Zeacher Mcswivel is, then your dumb. And if you can’t get enough of Jerm’s Mom, Follow me on Instagram @kody69 . AND if that’s not enough for you, you can visit Where you can make fun of a bunch of Norts Zeaching. That is all I have to say.

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  1. umm .anyone who thinks Jerms is funny is a blatant homosexual. Jerms mom is a respectable woman.

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