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The Kotbrats go to Big Bear

Even though we have always rejected their videos in the past, we have a special place in our hearts for the Kotbrats. So while yes, this video gets a little monotonous by the second song or so, we have to commend them for their best effort yet with their very own feature. For the actual video description, we’ll just steal theirs.

No lifestyle, no taps, no bullshit. The Kotbrats focused on snowboarding and writing proper English. We filmed ourselves for 3 days in Bear and were way more focused on landing good tricks than holding the camera still. We also filmed our friends when they came by because Kotbrats is not just a marketing bubble, but real passion and real excitement.

Riding by: Wolfgang Natterer, the biggest Honeybadger badass out there, Raffael Kossmann, Christoph ‘Stoffel’ Wagner, Tobi Hartmuth, Philipp Schuster, Klaus Kunkel, Benny Urban, Andy Walker, Klemens König and Roberta Butscher

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Comments (19)

  1. that description alone should have been grounds for rejection. good riding though

  2. their styles a lot smoother then their filming

  3. you rejected these guys? pretty fuckin solid for 3 days of riding

  4. riding was real good. filming was real shit.

  5. these guys were killing it in bear. hell yeah homies

  6. good stuff but that was way to long.

  7. Riding was dope, but that camera dude sucked. Sorry.

  8. 4:29 the guy clearly fell dont put that shit in your edit that is already too long no wonder youre regular rejects

  9. that was fire. @cat: read the describtion, there is no filmer


  11. the ginger is strong in this one!

  12. I told y’all Kotbrats were comin’ back hard!

  13. Let me film and make the edit next time

  14. that was pretty dope but next time your going to do a 6+ minute edit, give the riders some credit an do individual parts, that way it aint all mashed up

  15. id rather see a shiity filmed edit of kids killing shit than something filmed all nice any day! hell yeah kids, keep up the shitty work!


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