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Arnette Crew Clash: Team Milo vs Yawgoons

We’ve reached the final battle of round two. So far, Stoop Kids and This Must be the Place have secured their slots, and as of this posting, things are looking promising for the Mystery District. So which of these two crews will join the final four? That, my friends, is up to you.

Team Milo


Voting will close Friday, April 6 at 9 am PST.

The Arnette Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette Eyewear, in association with Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. Round 3 will begin week.

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Comments (62)


  2. yawgoons…mt bachelor awaits you

  3. ray danglemaier loves spiked dildo’s in his poop hole

  4. why the fuck does that kid in the milo video wear a fucking dr’s mask and construction helmet??

    YAWGOONS. no one can fuck with the lobster trap park.

  5. PS…crab grab, you’ll be missing the marketing opportunity of a lifetime if you don’t sponsor the yawgoo park.

  6. yawgoons vs this must be the place. people may die this day

  7. lets get real yobeat, just give yawgoons the money

  8. Yawgoons all day!

  9. solid matchup, Team Milo killed it, but you can’t put down Yawgoons!

  10. So I went to go check my crab traps the other day…

  11. RI with the progression! So sick.

  12. i didn’t even have to re-watch the videos. yawgoons.

  13. this really shoulda been the finals, yobeat your fuckin up with this one

  14. honestly, Team Milo’s video is up there with the Yawgoons. They have far more urban shots with some pretty heavy tricks, but……….Ive enjoyed the Yawgoons edits so much throughout the season that I can’t not vote for them. YAWGOONS

  15. switch grass gaps marcus rand all day

  16. milo killed it. goons killed it harder.

  17. i feel like yawgoons just mini shred, they had some cool tricks though

  18. thanks for voting this must be the place! sorry, if im being annoying… and feminine. YAW



  21. smooth cam on the milo video makes me wanna throw up. but i like throwing up


  23. kick da bucket you god dam jabronis

  24. I thought crew clash was more about street shit than park. thats why everyone was hating on breckognize, well that and they are just a bunch of jocks on snowboards. But anyways Based on that, Milo had more and heavier street shit. Im down for Team Milo.

  25. Milo becuase east coast isnt for snowboarding. its for fags

  26. I’d like to see the pampered punks out west put out nearly as good an edit as Yawgoo during a winter without snow. Remember why all you little internet trolls like Scott Stevens so much? Yawgoonsquad slayed this shit and your girl.

  27. I dont think you guys understand, it didnt snow in the united states this year… Try snowboarding when theres no snow. ps stoop kids vs. yawgoons

  28. that rodeo/misty whatever bullshit off the rail in the milo video was pretty next level…but that was it.

  29. who is scott stevens?

  30. When I saw milos video I thought wow that sucked. When I saw yawgoons I thought that was amazing I want to watch it again.

  31. yawgoons is everything snowboarding should be.

  32. should vote for milo just to see connor go against his girlfriend..

  33. seriously it didn’t snow in the place this year. get it through your skull

  34. It snowed twice in Michigan fuck you all

  35. It’s not about how much snow each location got! It’s about the edit. And Milos was better. Quit blowing Yawgoons’ dicks

  36. is that jed at 2:34 in yaw goons?

  37. Yaw(n)goons’ video wasn’t even interesting to watch. MILO!

  38. Milo getting on their cookie game!

  39. Quit spamming team milo. There’s no way your getting those votes from anyone other than yourself and resetting your computer.

  40. Yobeat get a new poll system, clearly people have figured it out.

  41. Yeah right, I know for a fact they’re just linking the shit out of it on Facebook. Doing it the old fashioned way! Think what you want haters, looks like Milo’s giving the goons a run for their money

  42. giving their cookies a run for their money haha

  43. Then why are the Yawgoons votes from over 30 states and milo from 4…get over it your not Going to win in the end….at least the yawgoons have a chance. And besides the fact their video is much more entertaining and all around better.

  44. are you sure you want to reset safari?

  45. You’re cool. Who knows why maybe milo has lots of friends. It sucks that you think hating on people is so fun. It’s a video. Who cares. Get off the goons’ dicks

  46. Clearly better shredding in the Milo video. Not sure why the yawns…..are such haters. Are they jealous or something?

  47. Were not cheating, yawgoons has voters in 30 states vs our 4 because were affiliated with the local shop. Obviously Milo and the locals are going to hype it hard. Yawgoons fucking killed it and we know it, just trying to give then a run for their money the old fashioned way- not cheating.

  48. yawgoons got that worldwide hype

  49. Milo! …. Haha just kidden . There’s no contest here

  50. milo is a sweet ass shop (or shall i say shops), with im sure thousands of people to blast off emails to. not that hard to understand how they got so many votes overnight. relax ya nerds, yawgoons will still win, you just cannot fuck with lobster traps.

  51. Send the yawgoons to mt bachelor! They clearly deserve it, would make a better edit while there, and appreciate the trip far more having had such a short season!

  52. i love the east coast circle jerk. honestly how many times does yawgoons post here to hype themselves up

  53. milo was tight. yawgoons was tighter


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