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Arnette Crew Clash 2.0: This Must be the Place vs Unified Crew

We’re cruising through round two and we’re especially excited for this battle. Will the fake Connor Browns rally for This Must be the Place as they enjoy their Austrian vacation, or will their video be enough? Unified Crew ain’t no slouches, so this should be a good one. Watch the videos (again) and then vote!

This Must be the Place

Unified Crew

Voting will close Wednesday, April 4 at 9 am PST.

The Arnette Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette Eyewear, in association with Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. New battles begin every day this week.

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Comments (48)

  1. theres no one in the worlds mouth id like to fuck right now other than the person who comments under me.

  2. Unified crew was pretty good, but don’t think the highly-regarded Yobeat followers won’t notice your weird arm steeze and bad rap..
    electronic bass-lines must not be the place.

    Connor wins this one

  3. this must be the place is going to win, but unified did some really cool, creative shit.

  4. At least Dom Luza doesn’t wear a helmet anymore. Props to that kid

  5. Hey friends, fans, and yobeat viewers! Austria is so much fun. The best part is that Jesse and i get to share a bed! Thanks for the votes. XOXO CB

  6. It was definitely necessary that Blake geis wear a helmet when sessioning that tube


  8. What’s all this hype on Jesse gouveia? My filmer does heavier moves pussy

  9. this must be the place really isnt that good.

  10. park tricks are cool, but Willy broke the MFM for this edit so my vote goes to Unified.

  11. TMBTP vs. Yawgoons final. battle of the century right there, the comments will be going ham

  12. @yolo id like to see you back np a 40 foot down rail. TMBTP fucking kills it

  13. @yolo – your filmer films better too.

  14. connor went to slc and started following around a bunch of super ams with his cam and called it “this must be the place”. sickkk

  15. For the lack of mass amounts of talent pouring outta bachelor, and the stupid amounts of JIBsys in PC my vote goes to unified

  16. how is unified zeach in the lead?
    i’m still upset about cats of anarchy losing.
    i hope you all die in your sleep.

  17. park shots are really unique, but some things deserve better

  18. hey guyzz plz vote 4 my firends w/ TMBTP!!! they rly want 2 go 2 AUSTRIA!!!

  19. If Unified wins, Im going to fucking kill myself.

  20. I thouraly enjoyed unifieds double zeach.

  21. unified crew had some really creative bungee lifestyle shots and zeaches


  23. hating on tmbtp makes you look like the jealous girl in high school hating on the hot girl… they kill it and make good edits. don’t be the jealous girl

  24. you don’t take your helmet off as you’re riding down the hill and you come to a smaller size feature.

  25. there isn’t a video on here that makes snowboarding look bad, everyone is gettin after it in their own way, and isn’t that the idea?. the only thing lame in snowboarding is all the lame ass judgements and critics that make it just like everything else. “but dude, it’s yobeat, that’s what we do!”

  26. @realtalk… yeah…. but this is a contest..

  27. Both edits are properly done but willy snapped the mfm. my vote goes to unified.

  28. Both edits are well done but willy snapped the mfm. my vote goes to unified.

  29. If this is a contest of who’s crew is better at snowboarding, why is This must be the place losing? The unified dudes looked like they were having fun, but their video just want that great. TMBTP is made up of young talented riders, all of which are seemingly pretty cool guys.

  30. hope unified crew wins so they can win a trip to their home mountain….. that would be so baller’

  31. although unified wasnt terrible there was still zeaches and some soggyass shots cool you broke a board but cut out the shit shots and THEN they could beat TMBTP
    oh yeah and change the fucking song

  32. okay first off @realtalk, you sound like a lil bitch, secondly, TMBTP was fuckin dope and had much harder tricks. unified was one of those snowboard edits trying to inspire you to go pro or something, so gay. #TMBTP #YOLO #MOTTO #DRAKE #WEEZY #HELLENKELLER #OBAMA #HERMAINCAIN #ELLENDEGENERES #OPRAH. and last but never least, lets give a warm welcome to the most famous of them all…. #LISAAAA #ANNNNNN

  33. I’m sorry realstalk, please don’t push me down again, I’ll try to be better: These edits fucking suck, I like see these tricks every day and the music is gay, fuckin posers, hit a 40 stair rail or go home, it’s time to get our hardcore on!!

  34. Thanks for all the voting help, friends who know nothing about snowboarding. Almost lost there

  35. Unified Crew – that cabin must be the place since you filmed all your urban shots there

  36. Still in disbelief that the one girl didn’t want to make out with Griffin Siebert. I guess I’ll give a sympathy vote to TMBTP.

  37. do you guys know you can use the adaptor without the vignette? holy shit it is getting played out. use that thing correctly.

  38. god damn I love TMBTP’s music choice!


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