Arnette Crew Clash 2.0: Yawgoons vs Lick the Cat

It’s the battle you’ve been waiting for! Not only does this wrap up round one, but it features two heavy hitters. So who gets your vote? Rhode Island’s favorite Yawgoons or Utah studs Lick the Cat. You only get one vote (unless you have multiple computers) so use it wisely!


Location: Rhode Island
Riders: Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, Brian Skorupski, Brendon Rego, Mary Rand.
edit: Brendan Gouin
More videos:

Lick the Cat

Location: Utah
Riders: Jordan Tramp, Sam Taxwood, Ben Bilodeau, Griffin Siebert, Cody Lee, Evan Drage, Blaze Kotsenburg, Erik Nielsen, Shaw Irwin, Hunter Butler, Michael Wick, Andrew Tassell, Jordan Morse, Josh Crisp, Corey Kembitzky, Max Warbington.
Filmed/Edited by Jeremy Thornburg
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Voting will close Wednesday, April 1 at 5 pm PST.

The Arnette Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette Eyewear, in association with Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. New battles begin every Monday and Thursday and run for three days each.

82 replies
  1. scrotemscratcher
    scrotemscratcher says:

    Lawrence of Arabia”, British Beatlemania,
    Ole Miss, John Glenn, Liston beats Patterson,

    Pope Paul, Malcolm X, British politician sex,
    JFK, blown away, what else do I have to say?!


  2. Corey
    Corey says:

    whos idea was it to put these crews against eachother in the first round with all the shitty ones out there

  3. randy mathews
    randy mathews says:

    Holy Girl gap batman, Yawgoons did way more with the very little that they had dope shit

  4. I love darren kiff
    I love darren kiff says:

    yawgoons is the god body this contest is pretty much a wrap, mary rand is the dopest dope out of all the dope, studyin 120 right now call me back at the god hour

  5. GetWyld
    GetWyld says:

    Stock park footy can still make for a banger edit but at this point it doesn’t win contests. Yawgoons are creative and impressive and get the vote from both of my computers

  6. DAFUQ
    DAFUQ says:

    Yawgoons, I am sorry you don’t have snow or good taste in music. However not at any one point in your shitty riding, did anything happen that doesn’t happen at every park( all the time.)

    I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

    Other crew you suck too, but at least its funny.

  7. idahoistheplace
    idahoistheplace says:

    lick the cat reminded me of really good snowboarders and super shitty filmer. what the fuck was that vig?

    MASSHOLE says:

    I dont think people understand that lick the cat is just for fun and they could care less if they win or not. they were having fun doing what they love. and filming with a handy cam is just to make it funnier

  9. Derek Weimer
    Derek Weimer says:

    LTC had some great boarding and it was fun to watch! YAWGOONS is changing the game. sorry but my vote is for the east.

  10. OG
    OG says:

    East coast represent!!!! voted for lick the cat for more tech tricks…. but god damn ur edting was sick as shit and filming!!!!!!!….. and do to lack of snow… STE!!!!! keep up the good work guys

  11. dicinvag
    dicinvag says:

    clearly the yawgoons had fun and did this for fun too; the vid just came out way better than LTC.
    and @DAFUQ what do you listen to…ryan seacrest’s top 40, while jackin off to a pic of clay aiken.

  12. @DAFUQ
    @DAFUQ says:

    if DA FUQ is not a 12 year old kid then i feel very, very sorry for him…everything about that post has “im autistic” written all over it.

  13. im high
    im high says:

    you fools need to stop hating so much…that being said, LTC just wasnt that good, the riding and especially the editing was poor even if they were just fuckin around…and what i saw from the yawgoons was them taking advantage of a shitty winter, a lot of hammers, mad creative shit goin on and really dope they got a chick throwin down…and i could care less who wins thats just how it is.

  14. go skate
    go skate says:

    flips and one footer shit is so damn wack i cant stand it, so ya i really hope they were just fuckin around and dont care if they win

  15. my finger is smelly
    my finger is smelly says:


  16. Hash Slinging Slasher
    Hash Slinging Slasher says:

    I have nothing clever or funny to say about the yawgoons video. It was just good.

  17. heydudes
    heydudes says:

    yawgoons vid is entertaining and won easily, but not the best vid. it’s all park and mini urban, that little boat feature is hit like six times. sick tricks and creative, but nothing i can’t get out of watching “I ride park city edits.” park is just easier to film so not impressive to me as if those tricks were being thrown on urban spots like some of the other vids, and they don’t hit jumps or ride pow, they are all scott steven types and only highlighted a shred of snowboarding, but still sick overall and a fun watch

  18. heydudes
    heydudes says:

    and before any goonie flips out i know they are east coast and ride a little resort, props to them but snowboarding is more then jibbing, why not skateboard?

  19. @heydudes
    @heydudes says:

    cuz skateboarding sucks a fat one compared to snowboarding, plus jibbing is just fun as fuck IMO

  20. weasel
    weasel says:

    hell yeah yawgoons killing it, the second guys did wicked god shit too but yaw goons had some techy tricks with that east coast style

  21. Sandusky
    Sandusky says:

    Park City is sick but Yawgoons was way more creative. I mean rope swings, lobster crates, lil boys in the shower… they had it all. Yawgoons for the win

  22. Keith Stone
    Keith Stone says:

    lick the cat had possibly the worse song choice ever…that being said my vote goes to YAWGOONS!

  23. DON'T DO IT!
    DON'T DO IT! says:

    “Voting will close Wednesday, April 1 at 5 pm PST.” According to my calculations… April 1st is Sunday. PUT DOWN THE BONG YO BEAT!!!

  24. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    what the fuck, how is rhode island killing it so hard right now?? fucking yawgoons!!!

  25. mark
    mark says:

    Technical riding from both crews, but different approaches.

    Yawgoons from the east, no park crew and have to create everything.
    LTC is west and funner vibe from a standard setting.

    LTC has some DOPE technical stuff, what they were doing to the star set was cool as fuck.
    Yawgoons though is in the same vein as Think Tank though and just comes from left field with where their tricks actually take place.

    It’s great that LTC doesnt take snowboarding seriously, its snowboarding, but when they’re in a contest, while their riding is still cool (and destroy the yawgoons in the air, the jump skills were MUCH higher, THOUGH Yawgoo Valley has no park and therefore little opportunity for ginormous booter seshs).

    Both edits have technical riding, elements of fun, and shitty music. Place them in the context of their respective regional areas though and the Yawgoons originality shines through for the win IMO.

  26. butthole surfer
    butthole surfer says:

    i just got done dry humping this broad with jeans on and my penis hurts i vote for yawgoons

  27. ThankYouMark
    ThankYouMark says:

    for explaining. I didn’t really grasp these two videos before you laid it out like that.

  28. name
    name says:

    dylan gamache is so fucking good its crazy, brian skorupski throws hammers and marcus rand is such a boss and his style is so fuckin sick…not to mention mary rand is the illest female ripper out there right now, how is she not pro? goons all day and anyone who hates on them or the homies in the lick the cat vid probably ski.

  29. johnson
    johnson says:

    lick the cat had no quality to it, and it being for fun showed. Looked like something thrown together in an afternoon, where the light was no good. most of the shots were shit, and the riding was rather blah. I gathered the fun aspect, but this comp is not just who had the most fun, it is what video you like most, and LTC was not it. The heads on the right coast clearly put a lot of time and effort into their video to make it happen where there was virtually no snow, mad johnson props folks! I didnt dislike either, but the yawgoons video was just better, hands-down.

  30. Le Grand Fromage
    Le Grand Fromage says:

    yawgoons is the tits

    mary rand killed it at loon yesterday

    haters can shove a throny dildo up their ass

    <3 y'all

  31. ![ ] F
    ![ ] F says:

    Nobody in this contest will be able to even come close to beating Yawgoons. Gamache is a little shred ninja and he will kill you

  32. i ride your mom
    i ride your mom says:

    you cant hate on yawgoons for not riding real mountains and only jibbing. growing up in the midwest was the same conditions if not worse. the shit they do is fucking sick for having literally no snow. creative and sketchy features. tech and clean tricks. i dont know how anyone could make a better video with what they got.


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