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Butternut Volume 4


How ’bout that 80-degree weather on the East Coast? Hopefully you’re all enjoying your tank top collection, even though it’s still March. Enough about that. The season in Mass is clearly a wrap, so here’s the ender ender from the gang at Butternut.

Riders: Nick McCarthy, John Silk and Ross Weiller

Filmed & Cut: Drew Sauer

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Comments (22)

  1. sooo righteous these guys use classic songs! keepin it real butternut posse!

  2. these guy never disappoint. good music. sick tricks. and solid filming/editing. FUCK YEA

  3. Been waiting for this for a while now. Thank god.


  5. It’s like a bunch of little cale zimas everywhere.

  6. butternut always has the best music

  7. I really enjoyed watching their edits throughout the year, im sad its got to end


  9. These goddamn kids probably got our song off of Napster or some shiz.

  10. i want to see a butternut and yawgoons collaboration.

  11. nice offering

  12. tailfish slap at 24 seconds… actually kinda diggin it though.

  13. ^ Chill tailfish are rare creatures

  14. Straight fire! I had to use extra lube for this one!

  15. the reason this is the last edit is not because the mountain is closing but because they have done every trick possible at butternut


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