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People’s Court: Trevor Speranske vs Jeremy Johnson

Two dudes, a bunch of rails and one title. Both claimed the title of “Sunday in the Park.” Which video should be allowed to keep the title and win the coveted title of People’s Court champ?

Trevor Speranske

Jeremy Johnson

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The People’s Court is brought to you by:

Mandatory Disclaimer: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder. As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) Videos should be submitted by the rider, not the videographer or your asshole friends. But whatever.

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Comments (89)

  1. I voted for the first one because i cant tell if JJ is a fatass or just dresses like a dumbass

  2. Whoa Senior Tight Pants, who let Shawn White in the competition?

  3. well everyones gonna vote for tightpants at tow rope park…….cus this is yobeat

  4. jj’s style is way over exaggerated, therefore i vote Trevor cause he’s sexy

  5. voted for the second dude… even though his clothes are fucking stupid

  6. the second guy has some short legs

  7. They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard.They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard.They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard.

  8. the second because hes ignoring all that powder.

  9. saw this kid at rock n ride giving giving sexton head, and I also even saw kid at hood giving the filmer more head to get filmed

  10. he can spin so well because he’s a figure skater and likes to wear his sisters pants

  11. Trevor is a 2 beer queer… and his sister Felicia is a slut

  12. Trevor Speranski… I KNOW DAT NIGGA (sadly)

  13. Trevor is also known as Jed Sext-OE.

  14. Bear grounds edit was the doper dope

  15. lil’ jeans

  16. vote for my boy Jed Sexton-OE! keep killin it dog

  17. I like jj’s better because his style is smoother and less wet cat. Ps grabbing to board slide is so hurt! I’d get my ass kicked if my friends saw me do that.

  18. tight pants gives snowboarding a bad name.

  19. everyone can hate on trevor for how skinny his pants are and what ever else they want but when it comes down to it hes better then you. Got my vote

  20. Trevor… missed the grab at 1:23


  22. @fiblife he wasnt going for a grab

  23. so i was planning on voting for the first one for its pseudo-dramatic intro text, but then i thought i heard a drake song in the second so my vote changed, but then it was a remix, so it changed again back to the first guy, but then i decided meh. beargrounds.

  24. Skinny > Baggy, the second guy looked like a hobbit

  25. The second guy was a human chode

  26. That Trevor kid literally was Joe Sexton.

  27. You were gonna vote for someone because they used Drake? Are you fucking serious?

  28. Second kid was wearing saga….nuff said…..sisters pants > creepy fat step uncles clothes

  29. trevor pissed himself when he saw sexton at rock and ride and followed him around and begged to give head

  30. Dam I guess the grab board slide is popular, nobody liked my comment. Sorry to hate y’all. Do ur thing

  31. voting just for that kids steeze.

  32. i think both of these kids are pretty dang good despite their silly fashion choices.

  33. who care what their wearing. jeremy is a boss

  34. i fuckin miss corey and trevor

  35. Why the fuck do people waste their time judging what someone wheres snowboarding who fucking cares.

  36. shut up corey, this isnt rocket appliances, vote for trevor

  37. looooooong torso, little tiny legs

  38. both these guys are sick, but you kids need to stop giving a fuck about fashion, its disturbing how much outwerwear influences your vote, jers got it for how fuckin smooth he is

  39. What happened to the first kids highbacks?

  40. the first kid is a hipster, take that into consideration when voting

  41. Not only did a group of gypsies steal his highbacks, they stole his soul too. fashion show

  42. I like how the second video had almost no editing done to it and it still owns the first one.. JJ hands down.

  43. man sarcasm doesnt go far, even here.

  44. JJ had a bit more style in his video, buttttt I voted for tight pants Joe sexton look alike. Filiming was crisp and that hard way back 270 was pree sick.

  45. I voted for the one that isnt wearing a ski company jacket..

  46. jeremy looks like he is trying to bring back the swivel… swivels suck.

  47. if your more concerned with what someone is wearing then how they ride, you are a faggot, that is all.

  48. First of all Saga has a god damn snowboarding team haha! JJ banged tricks tight pants couldnt even think of, WAY better style, not as good filming and editing, but JJ all the way! No question about it.

  49. JJ obviously got into the wrong sport. saga and swivels all day. clearly he is a skier

  50. jj’s got the illest tyle! fuck the haters go slice yer wrists ya tight panted sissys!

  51. Anyone who wears Saga probably molests children.

  52. jj blows peoples minds, trevor just blows other dudes

  53. I totally expected to hate both of these videos…but…I..just didn’t. Good job I guess?

  54. saga’s gay so are skinny pants and trevor put your highbacks on there their for a reason oh also

  55. vote trevor better tricks all around even though that fucker threw up in my car.

  56. Better tricks?!?!?! Keep trippin bro hahaha That Trevor kid has nothing on JJ! Those tricks that JJ did were less then a quarter of what he can do!

  57. ^^^ JJ also didnt land anything going straight. he fell off early, jumped off early, and landed 90 on almost all his tricks. and saga really isnt gay you guys just need to grow up and stoppe giving a shit what people wear.

  58. wow trevor! youre so hip! and jeremy, sick board. was that a 143?

  59. So the edit with only two rails in it or a stezzy Tec Nine video with an awkward ending…. Damn nether.

  60. joe sexton kid made me giggle but wasn’t very good
    other dude was style but started doing swivels and i can’t fucking stand swivels unless you’re chris bradshaw and then he got sketchy as fuck and the beargrounds was dope so..


  62. Both these young guns were sick! Except I like JJ’s better, smooth azz style (plus I ride there too)

  63. @ Master Quickscope. This isn’t a video game, it’s a snowboarding website.

  64. crawdaddy Jsquwared would kick your ass in a game of snow with gangsta style so ya… and whats wrong with fat people?

  65. What song is used in Mr. Johnson’s?

  66. Jeremy is smooth. I knew Yobeat would pick Trevor cause the tight pants and rope tow..

  67. We filmed this shit in 2 and a bit hours before his board split. so ya… 4’s all day. also his last name is Johnston. Haters.

  68. Rock and ride?^^^ does any one even go to that anymore… pretty sure thats a gaper event run by that faggot tim charmicheal …shit used to be cool back in the day when Kody Madro and crew were doing things somewhat lagit….

  69. Jeremy lands 90 on almost every trick…

  70. Trevor Speranske looks like he should be on a proactive commercial. The other dudes got some huge shit on, but has better tricks and does them without gapping most of the rail.

  71. First kid kindof sucks…the second kid really fuckin’ sucks…i’m not voting

  72. almost couldnt vote for the first guy because of the stupid film effects

    couldn’t vote for the second guy because of the stupid saga

  73. LOL so first off I simply just made this to show friends, I spent 30 mins putting the shots to the song. Second I dont even know how my video got on this site?!? haha And thirdly I put little effort into those maneuvers, if you think I “swivel” or land 90, just fucking wait! Ill be making ACTUAL EDITS soon enough, of ACTUAL tricks that I bang out. Since this is a battle of EDITS, then yeah Trevor deserves to win. If I was aware that yobeat would use my video on their site, then I would have actually spent a bit of time into making it into an edit, not clips with a song. haha Peace haters!

  74. you sound like a fucking flamer… hahahaha ‘WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE MY REAL EDITS” quit snowboarding please, make the rest of us happy

  75. anyone who doesn’t think jeremy deserves to win is focusing too much on appearance and not riding. and this is coming from a gypsy fuck.

  76. *Wait until you see my ACTUAL EDITS*, that video ^ isnt even a fucking edit! hahaha Would you like me to quit so you can catch up? Ill never quit, only progression buddy. Just wait! That is all.. hahaha!

  77. stop making excuses why your edit isn’t good, nobody gives a fuck dude, if your just going to keep talking about your actual edits, make one then send it in and dont send this in.

  78. Haha okay w.e dude, I am simply informing. And I didnt send that video in! Just wait.. hahaha


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