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The Beargrounds: Tape 3

When some parks are starting to melt out and pull features, Bear Mountain keeps it going, making everyone hate their local spot. Deal with it.

Riders: Richie Conklin, Jordan Small, Keoni Kaimuloa, Robert Toste, Lenny Mazzotti, Jake Schaible, Jimmy Hay, Devin Allen, Ryan Townley, Trevor Curran, Austin Leong, and Brett Wilkinson.

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Comments (22)

  1. I remember when my mountain was sunny..

  2. like sunday in the park but better

  3. Like sunday in the park but with music that doesn’t BLOW.

  4. meh

  5. Like sunday in the park but with a python brand bong. Hand blown glass blown?

  6. gimme summa dat bomb-ass dank-ass. anyone down to box hot?

  7. i never can find enough brown chips in chex mix.

  8. brett wilkinson has been killing it in all the big bear edits lately

  9. @ Mn. I refer to those little black chips as the neegs. There so tasty

  10. dylan gamache at bear would be an edit.

  11. I remember when the mountain are sunny and the park is so great.

  12. i remember when edits didn’t all look the same…

  13. I can’t believe Jamie Madrid is expecting a child

  14. i remember when the mountains were still open on the east


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