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Dave Schiff Reviews Homeschool Outerwear

The nice people over at Homeschool gave me some outerwear to test out. I got a With Teeth Jacket from their Alpental Series and the Line Up pant from their Hood series. Homeschool’s niche in the market is to provide a technical yet stylish product that is sufficient for the most agro of Northwest snowboarders. I have to say this jacket and pant combo looks pretty good. I mean I can make anything look good but seriously… It doesn’t look like the hip culture of 1984 took a ragging diarrheal shit on its fabric. Smooth single tone design with well thought out pockets that are functional. I like that eh?

As for the claims of function, what that says to me is that if you are on the hill in a rainstorm and for some reason an elephant decides to take a piss on you; your clothes underneath your gear will stay dry and you can continue to shred unhindered. To illustrate these conditions I went outside on a typical Portland afternoon. However the Yobeat office lacks a peanut chomping pachyderm so a puddle and a car would have our substitute for my golden shower.

I also did a bunch of other really stupid shit aka tests. I put the Riri zippers to work and also tested out the Cocona fabrics claim to be odor proof. There is some other jazz too but top reading this and watch the stupid video.

At the end I learned something about feminine hygiene and that all the claims that Homeschool makes are 100% accurate. This is some quality gear, Dave Schiff approved.

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  1. In nature and shit… Jordan Mendenhall…with Cat Stevens playing… painting…

  2. soft pastel overtones. amazing.

  3. i’m proud to say that dave schiff went to my highschool

  4. whys dave schiff look like hes 15??

  5. why does he look like me?

  6. holy shit schiff has braces. wait, is that hip in portland now?

  7. im standing on quarter pipe but instead of skating it to work up a sweat i will do aerobics…..


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