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Arnette Crew Clash 2.0: Mystery District vs FamDAMly Productions

After the Northwest battle last week, we’re moving things slightly further east for this one. Crack and nice cold Moose Drool, watch the vids and then vote wisely!

Mystery District


[poll id=”434″]

Voting will close Wednesday, March 21st at 5 pm PST.

The Arnette Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette Eyewear, in association with Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. New battles begin every Monday and Thursday and run for three days each.

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Comments (32)

  1. mystery district was that shondaba chronchron

  2. neither will win overall so why even vote

  3. that wasn’t the right intro…

  4. i didn’t even vote this time

  5. famdamily’s music made my ears bleed

  6. HaHa hate , I love it!!!!!! First edit song pretty bad too!!!! Hipsters!!!! LoL

  7. mystery district or let jesse gouviea shit on your face (he’s asian)

  8. Mystery District was sick.

  9. 1:01 changing the fucking game

  10. I really think it takes away from it when every single shot is ramped or even ramped twice, but mystery district created a different vibe in their edit then anything i’ve seen here and the riding and features were definitely better

  11. Idahomies take it

  12. Mystery District was sick although I do like Alex Hereford!!

  13. i can always appreciate some big street shit

  14. Hey we new to this . Not sure y our beginning is different from all others . Thanks for the love if your voting for us . Mystery had MADD skills ,I think our features are bigger , but what you going ta do! Support the fAmDaMly y’all!!

  15. ^Yo please be quiet and just let people vote.

  16. mystery district going off….hammers. and such sick spots

  17. While both were incredibly hard to watch I feel like mystery district’s intro was a bit a la Connor Brown..MD did well in the chosen contest so why not pay homage to the victors with a 2 minute long ramp fest? If you vote for those other kooks you’ve lost your mind, Mystery District is more clever than you’d think.

  18. big fan of hereford but had to give the vote to mystery district. edit was just better.

  19. alex hereford can suck on deez FAT nutz

  20. No disrespect seeing as I could’ve posted this on any of the other crew clashes thus far, but can we please get to yawgoons vs. lick the cat?

  21. “famdamly” reminds me of juggalos chanting “fam-a-lee”…woop woop motherfuckers

  22. Both these videos suck, Im going skiing

  23. Stop posting under my name. Pretending to be someone and talking shit is weak. Hereford killed it.

  24. mystery district is awesome. i wish they would have tried harder in the ‘chosen’ thing.

  25. This is for “It’s a Mario, MD isn’t paying homage to TMBTP.
    MYSTERY DISTRICT has been killing it for a while now. Longer than TMBTP. You have no idea what your talking about.

  26. no weed smoking or beer drinking shots in either, super week, but not as week as that back lip in the second video i think at rail gardens, it was ultra zeached, i have no protractor but it was very close to 45

  27. Vote for the shittier team so it’s easier for tmbtp to win!!


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