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St Patricks Day at Plymouth State

Did you blow it by not drinking like you were Irish yesterday? Home at 8:45, perhaps? Well don’t worry, the crew at Plymouth State held it down for you! Male camel toe, board breaking, megaphones and even some slushy laps at Loon.

Video by Brendon Rego

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Comments (21)

  1. that song made me wanna punch a baby

  2. I’ve been stickin my dick off in these bitches it’s gettin rediculous… I hope I dont get sick of dis.

  3. that forum destroyer wasnt giving up.

  4. Mmmhmm! PSU, Loon, and St. Patty’s Day. Only the greatest.

  5. worst song ive heard next to any dumbstep.

  6. Churr boy is so fucking sick! Hell ya

  7. i like how there trying to focus it on the tile floor

  8. White kids cant party
    Tap dat white cunt doe

  9. lol at that white bitch trying to yell opposite way into the mega phone, and wowsers at that shreddage i would poop on loon if they gave me some toilet paper and a lift ticket and a plane ticket to it.

  10. white girl wasted

  11. male camel toe is the new hot shit. get into it.

  12. Male camel toe is called a moose knuckle

  13. backie to penguin slide was fucking rad

  14. should have come to boulder


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