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FootyFiend Overload!

Boardin’ on Blackcomb with Nelson Languedoc, Blake Payne, Cody Wilson, Keenan Filmer, Brennan Kurchak, and Alex Stathis.

Filmed by Jordwan and edited by footyfiend apprentice Kai

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Comments (15)

  1. its fucked up living on the east coast and having to watch this, place looks like heaven.

  2. stathis is a real nigga

  3. This purp got me out my mind. Good shit as always from FF.

  4. what song is that??????????????

  5. WHATCHU WANT. Footyfiend proper as ever.

  6. Alex Stathis, best style in snowboarding
    Chicago Bulls, best team in basketball

  7. Even I liked this video… and come on, I’m Frankenstein.

  8. Stathis fetus slayer


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