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Credo and Friends 7

These Credo kids are so zany!

Credo: Zack Wilmot, Ian Keay, Henry Padden, Mike Porter
Friends: Chris Brackett, Dan Schott, Levi Gunzburg, Shaun Murphy, Casey Willax
Edit: Dylan Demers

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Comments (11)

  1. they’re definitely the hype right now.

  2. @admin, I before E except after C

  3. the gayer the song the cooler u are

  4. seriously? you spelled friends wrong in the title. c’mon yobeat that’s horrible.

  5. I wanna do what they’re doing

  6. maybe the misspelled word was their way of checking to see if anyone pays attention. or it was just a typo and you all should relax a bit. this isnt the times


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